11 Reasons Books Are Always The Best Accessories

by Sadie Trombetta

Everyone has a favorite accessory — those black pumps that have become the staple in your closet, the suede bag that goes with everything, the sunglasses everyone compliments you on — but there's an often overlooked option out there. No matter where you're going or what you're wearing, books are always the best accessories.

You may think they're just for reading, but book-lovers know the endless possibilities bound paper and ink hold. Books can not only entertain us, but they can also teach us valuable life lessons, help us up our sexting game, and inspire our wedding toasts. When it comes to gift-giving, a book is the perfect present no matter what the occasion. On a Friday night, nothing makes for better company than a glass of wine, a warm blanket, and a good novel. The truth is, the potential power of books is infinite, and they can be anything you need them to be — including accessories for yourself and your home.

Need to complete an outfit? Grab a pocket paperback and get ready for everyone at the bar to compliment your reading choices. Coffee table missing something? Add a stacked trilogy to the center and watch your entire living room decor come together. Whenever you need them, wherever you need them, books are there with the perfect finishing touch.

The next time you're redecorating your bedroom or getting ready to go out on the town, reach for your bookshelf. These 11 reasons books make the best accessories will convince you it holds all the answers.

1. Books come in all shapes and sizes.

Paperbacks, hardcovers, clothbound, leather, tall, short, coffee table sized — you name it, and there's a book that fits the description. Whether you need the right shade of red to work in your living room, or a small book to fit in your purse, you can find it. The options are endless.

2. They never go out of style.

Around for over 4,000 years, books have been a part of human history since, well, we started recording history. They made it out of the Bronze Age and Iron Age, flourished in early modern era, and even survived the tech boom of the 21st century. Unlike so many other fashionable accessories — trucker hats, gaucho pants, bean bag chairs — books will always be in style.

3. You can always find a good sale.

Face it: fashion can be expensive. Paying for designer bags, shoes, and furniture can break the bank, but books are always affordable. Whether you're shopping the new hardcover releases or the dollar discount bin, you can find a book within your price range.

4. They're functional and fashionable.

No one wants a cute couch unless it's comfortable to sit on, and a sexy pair of heels is useless if you can't actually walk in them. With books, you never have to sacrifice looks for usability, because books are first and foremost functioning stories. Their covers are beautiful, and they're content is always worth it. What else could you ask for?

5. You can never have too many.

When you have too many shoes, you may argue with your partner over the shared closet space, but when you have too many books? It's called a personal library, and no one can argue with that.

6. They can be great conversation starters.

Your yellow patent leather jacket may get people to notice you at the bar, and your bear skin rug may get a compliment or two, but your books will actually get people talking. When someone sees a novel under your arm on the subway or notices your side table lined with a certain author's work, you can look forward to a great conversation.

7. They're perfect for every occasion.

Dressing up to meet a blind date? Tuck a novel under your arm. Redesigning your sitting room? Create a beautiful bookish display. No matter what you're doing or what you're trying to decorate, whether it be yourself or your home, books are perfect. They're a little touch that go a long way.

8. There are plenty of seasonal options.

Whether you're throwing a Christmas party and need some centerpiece ideas or trying to dress up for Halloween, books can give you everything you need. From seasonal stories and holiday tales, colorful book bindings and decorative covers, there's a book out there for every time of the year.

9. They work for your fashion and home accessorizing.

The most versatile accessories out there, books can be used to decorate the home or dress up an outfit. They can be centerpieces at a party, a signature accessory you never leave home without, or even the inspiration behind an entire room's theme. Your options are literally endless.

10. They're perfect for borrowing.

Before there was Rent the Runway, there was the public library, a perfect place to borrow the latest accessories, a.k.a. books. If you can't afford to keep buying the newest and trendiest things, don't worry, your local library has you covered at no cost to you.

11. They express a lot about your personality.

When you accessorize your outfit or your home, you're doing so much more than just dressing up — you're trying to make a statement. With books, you can help make the right one. You reading selection, whether it's displayed at your home or on your person, says a lot about your interests, beliefs, and even your personality. Could you think of a better accessory to help express yourself?

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