What Does Your Coffee Table Book Say About You?

Coffee table books are their own breed — they're big, they're beautiful, and they're bound better than most anything else on your bookshelf. You know they're not just for reading, but they're also for showing off. What you choose to put on display in your home is a big indicator of who you are (or at the very least, who you aspire to be). So what's on your table? Chances are that your coffee table books say a lot about you.

If you think about it, these books grab the attention of anyone who sits on your couch for longer than five seconds, even if they aren't actually being read. They're a conversation piece, and they can leave a big impression on guests (I don't know how many gifts I've bought coworkers/friends/bosses/relatives based on what I've seen on their tables, but it's definitely a big number).

Whether you're all about the photography books or own multiple copies of PostSecret, your coffee table is like an open window to your soul. Am I being too dramatic? Definitely not. Now go take a look at what you have on display and report back. It's time for some light-hearted analysis.

City Books

If your coffee table is topped with city-specific hardcovers, you have an explorative soul. If you're not traveling, you're likely planning your next trip. Taschen is probably your favorite store, and even if you're staying local, you're still out of the house getting around your own city a majority of the time. When someone needs a restaurant recommendation, directions, or a friend to explore with, you're their girl.

Artsy Books

Oh you fancy, huh? Highbrow, lowbrow, any-brow art books, really, are a sure sign of one thing — someone who truly enjoys seeing beauty in the world around her. To others the "Mona Lisa" may just be a smiling woman, but to you she's full of mystery and intrigue. You're always on top of the newest underground music, making rounds at all the galleries on Thursday nights, and taking the best Instagram pics... that is, if you're not working on your next painting/drawing/filmmaking/performance masterpiece. You're pretty cool.

Fashion Books

You're a class act, and probably a trendsetter. Vogue is your Bible, and when it becomes breaking news that Kim Kardashian has gone blonde, you're the one to tell all of your friends. You probably work in a creative field, otherwise you just have a hardcore love of all things pretty. Anna Wintour is a queen to you — or at least a serious enigma — and you're sure that you started whatever major fashion trend is coming next. You also likely have the most current issue of ELLE, Lucky, and Glamour on your coffee table... but duh.

Literary Journals

You are a smarty pants — in the best way possible, of course. These may not be traditional "books," but what they lack in hardcovers they make up for in heft. Raymond Carver, Miranda July, and J.D. Salinger have all rocked your world at various points in your life. You spend your time reading and writing, and then reading some more. You have an opinion on everything, and when push comes to shove, you'd rather spend your time in a library than a anywhere else in the world.

Animal Books

Ruff! (You know what I mean). You're a lover, not a fighter. You're pretty sure that all of the world's problems could be solved if everyone could only experience the birthing of a baby horse. You may be vegan, and you probably feed the ducks at the pond (despite the "no feeding" sign). You also spend a fair amount of time cleaning up hairballs and sweeping the floors... but it's totally worth it.

Food Books

I commend you, because you are the ultimate hostess. Dinner just doesn't feel right if you're not serving a table of 10, minimum. You don't order at a restaurant without finding out first if the ingredients were grown locally, and you TiVo Food Network 24/7. There's not a food cart you haven't tried, and you only get your caffeine from independent coffee shops. OK, enough talk: get back to your food that's cooking before something burns! (Naw, you wouldn't let that happen).

Hardcover Novels

You overachiever, you. You don't have time for traditional coffee table books, because you've got too much freshly released fiction to get through first. You're coffee table is less of a display and more of a personal library. Most of your copies are signed, because you preorder books more often than you can even get through them. No, you won't be working late tonight — you've got a brand new spine to crack open at home.

Image: kayte terry/Flickr