11 Emmys Red Carpet Styles From The '90s We Might See At The 2016 Awards — PHOTOS

Television may be buzzing with questions of who will take home a coveted Emmy when the awards show kicks off on Sept. 18, but celebrity fashion will be the most important topic of conversation IMO. Emmys red carpet dresses practically define the show, as fans are always amped to see what jaw-dropping gowns celebs will drape on their bodies. As cyclical as fashion gets, we can expect to feel nostalgia from many garments that'll remind us of the most memorable awards outfits to ever grace television screens.

If there was any decade of awards show fashion to recreate, it'd have be the '90s. It was a trendy time, when the Sex and the City actresses ruled the red carpet and the Friends cast wore the best Emmys outfits a group could rock. The denim and flannel fashions of the '90s have already had their major revival, so the 2016 Emmy Awards may as well embrace the trendsetting decade too.

Sure, mom jeans and crop tops will likely never see the light of day at this black tie affair. But that doesn't mean all '90s fashion is totally off limits here. Tune into the live red carpet coverage at 5 p.m. ET on ABC to find out if any of these timeless '90s gowns will make a comeback in 2016.

1. Cutouts


Helen Hunt spiced up an LBD when she wore this dress featuring a geometric cutout to the 1996 Emmys. As of late, there have been no shortage of cutouts on elegant celebrity gowns, so it's only logical to think peekaboo skin will still be a thing this year. Perhaps, the cutouts will get even more daring since stars are always pushing the limits on today's red carpets.

2. Sequins Galore


Seriously, it has to be illegal to attend an awards show without a little bling. Baywatch's Gina Lee Nolin clearly understood loads of beading was the only way to do the 1999 Emmys right. She dazzled in a sheer number covered in sequins and glittering embellishments. Don't be surprised if you see similar looks this year.

3. Metallics


There is nothing more perfect than the way this body-hugging silhouette clung to Demi Moore's shape at the 49th annual show. The metallic sheen of her gown looked beyond stunning on this floor-length beauty. Whether celebs opt for the all silver disco ball look or drip themselves in gold, metallics always get plenty of love on the red carpet.

4. Slip Dress Silhouettes


Slip dresses are favored for a reason. They combine equal parts sex appeal and sophistication, all while requiring minimal effort. Considering slip dresses were so popular in the '90s, it's not surprising that Jeri Ryan made a gorgeous appearance in one back in the day. As sultry as this garment gets in all of its halter top and bareback glory, these dresses will probably be back at the 2016 Emmys.

5. LBDs


Never can you ever go wrong with a little black dress (seriously, never). They were hot during the '90s. they still are today, and probably will be at the 100th Emmy awards. Lisa Kudrow was all smiles at the 1998 show in this timeless getup.

As simple as LBDs can be, celebs are always finding ways to set their look apart from others. Plunging necklines, sweeping skirts, and low backs are features we can definitely expect to spot on classic black gowns this weekend.

6. Floral Prints


Whether they were stitched onto bucket hats or printed down baby doll dresses, floral everything was big during the '90s. Rocking floral patterns on any major red carpet back then was bound to be well-received. Hats off to you again, Helen Hunt. We may see a floral print or two this year if we're lucky. The style is just too adorable not to want to embrace.

7. Two-Pieces


We've seen two-piece outfits worn by celebs time and time again. Sometimes A-listers go for matching co-ords and other times they pair different separates together beautifully. Calista Flockhart wore this two-piece and totally crushed it.

8. Loads Of Embellishments


Ahh, the blingier, the better! When Halle Berry attended the 1998 Emmys, her gown sparkled to perfection. Berry's dress fits right in with current trends, so anyone gearing up to watch 2016's red carpet is probably already making predictions for whose dress will be loaded with decoration.

9. Power Suits


Not every Emmy attendee went for a sweeping gown during the '90s — Bette Midler wore this blue suit in 1997. Power suits were an alternative that was just as dramatic, if not more head turning. Plenty of Hollywood hotties are proving men aren't the only ones who can make a tailored jacket and tuxedo pants look good. Glammed up with diamond accessories and a fab pair of heels, suits might be a trend this year.

10. Embroidered Patterns


Whether lacy or crocheted, embroidery has such an air of elegance that award winners have to give it a go. White detailing always looks romantic and colored embroidery is certainly daring. But if any celebs go basic black like Ellen Barkin did, their look is guaranteed to be timeless.

11. Drop Back Gowns

Scott Nelson/AFP/Getty Images

When there's an awards show, there's going to be gowns showing varying levels of skin. Plunging necklines, high slits, and drop backs are what makes headlines, after all. Naturally, the only way to strike a pose in a drop back dress like Holland Taylor's is to coyly look over your shoulder (hardware in hand, of course)!

One can't say for sure what dress trends will dominate the 2016 Emmy awards show, but these popular styles of the '90s have a high chance of returning, a 20+ year reunion on the red carpet that definitely won't disappoint.

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