13 Ways You Got Back At Your Sister In The '90s

by Megan Grant

If you grew up with a sister, you also likely grew up with constant fights over which boyband was the best (*NSYNC, obvs), who stole all the good Halloween candy out of the bag (she did), and endless fighting over how your mom definitely liked her the best. (Well, she did.) And to get even for all the pain you were put through, there were countless ways you got back at your sister in the '90s. Kids with imaginations are not to be underestimated: We have very clever ways of getting payback. And we're good at it.

Getting back at your sister growing up was so easy because we got bent out of shape about everything. Blockbuster out of your favorite movie? Meltdown. No more Dunkaroos in the kitchen cabinet? Tantrum. Marathons on your two favorite television stations happening at the same time? Everybody better run. Run like your hair's on fire.

And it's for this reason that whenever your sister ticked you off, getting even wasn't too hard. All it took was a little creativity and elbow grease, and you had the makings of sweet, sweet revenge. Of course, we (hopefully) don't behave like this as adults; but I'd bet that a lot of you remember doing these things to your sister whenever she was mean to you.

1. You Drew A Mustache On Her Alanis Morissette Poster

"What on Earth... I have no idea how that got there."

2. You Stole The Last Melody Pop, Which She Had Clearly Marked With Her Name

Vengeance. Vengeance will be mine.

3. You Recorded Her Precious Tap Recital Over Titanic, Her All-Time Favorite Movie, Because Leo

Your mom put you in charge of capturing her step-ball-change; and let's be honest: We all know how the movie ends anyway.

4. You Ran Around The Block With Her Training Bra On Your Head

"Look! Earmuffs!"

5. You Used Her Braidini... On The Dog

Golden retrievers look absolutely dashing with French braids.

6. You Ate All The Marshmallows In Her Box Of Cereal

Seriously. This is just unforgivable.

7. You Outed Her Fake Nose Ring

It came from Claire's and it wasn't even real gold, so HA!

8. You Stole Her Copy Of The Care And Keeping Of You From The American Girl Library And Only Brought It Out When She Had Friends Over

Now everyone knows she's experiencing... the change. (Hopefully, though, one day the change will just be considered a normal fact of life and not weirdly taboo. It's just puberty, after all.)

9. You Continued Her Saved Nintendo Game, And Then Purposely Lost

Now we're even.

10. You Signed Into Her AIM Account And Talked To Her Crush

This just takes things to a whole new level.

11. You Took A Huge Bite Out Of Her Roll Of Bubble Tape

Maybe if she had been nicer, you would've unrolled it first.

12. You Shook, Shook, Shook Her Etch A Sketch Masterpiece Until It Was All Gone

Serves her right for drinking the last Hi-C Ecto Cooler.

13. You Used All Of The Fun Cartoon Bandages And Left Her With The Boring Skin-Colored Ones

This just made her boo-boo 10 times worse. Yes!

Images: ABC; Giphy (13)