'Bachelor/ette' Stars Luke & Caila Should Date & Bond Over Not Becoming Stars Of Their Own Series

Every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette there is one lucky man or woman who gets that final rose — and usually a ring is involved, too. But for the other contestants, the best case scenario is to be named the lead of the next series. Each season there are a few fan favorites who are in competition to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette. It's a highly sought after crown, since being the lead means gaining more celebrity and possibly love. This past season of The Bachelorette fans thought Luke Pell was the frontrunner to be the next lead. Rumors swirled that he was going to be meeting 25 suitors himself, so fans were shocked when Nick Viall was named the Bachelor.

As shocking as this switch up is, it is also very familiar. The season before, Ben Higgins was the Bachelor. Coming off that season, there were a few contenders to be the next lead. But many fans were sure that Caila Quinn was going to be the next Bachelorette. Similar to Luke, Caila didn't ended up getting the gig, and Ben's runner-up, JoJo Fletcher, became the Bachelorette instead.

So, we have two snubbed contestants. Should Luke and Caila bond over their rejection and date? Here's why this couple just might work.

They Already Have Something To Bond Over

Let's start with the obvious one, they both know what it feels like to have fans rooting for you to lead The Bachelor/ette and then watch it go to someone else. I think the pick-up line, "Hey, you were almost the lead on a hit dating show and so was I" would work for these two.

Both Are Career Focused

Luke is furthering his music career while Caila has been using her time on The Bachelor to expand her social media brand. Both seem to understand that while love is great, the Bachelor franchise is also an amazing way to promote a career. This mutual understanding and career focus is great for a relationship.

They Would Look Cute Together

As silly as it sounds, Luke and Caila would just be oh so pretty together.

Both Are Hopeless Romantics


Luke formed a heart made out of roses for his Bachelorette, JoJo. Caila tearfully told Ben that she was in love with him. Luke and Caila both waxed poetically on their respective seasons about wanting to find love and believing in it. They seem to share the viewpoint that true love and love at first sight do exist.

They Make Friends Easily

It's a good sign when a contestant remains close with their fellow contestants. Both Luke and Caila seem to have formed lasting friendships from their time on the show. Their shared extroverted nature and ability to have friends outside a relationship make them a good fit.

They Are Both Single

Let's not forget this important shared commonality. Luke does not seem to be in a relationship and Caila didn't find what she was looking for on Bachelor in Paradise . They're both looking, maybe they should look at each other.

While it may be a long shot that these two actually get together, they would be a fun pair. Who knows, maybe they'll meet on Paradise next summer.