10 Awkward Things You Experienced On Halloween In The '90s

If you loved Halloween in the '90s, you are definitely not alone. What was better than getting free candy and being able to dress up however you wanted? Pretty much nothing. It's fair to point out, of course, that there were various awkward things you experienced on Halloween in the '90s as well. I know, I know. When it comes to nostalgia in general, we tend to remember the world as all rosy and good — but when we're being realistic, there were plenty of things that happened in the '90s that were pretty awful. And Halloween is no exception.

Sure, the meltdowns we experienced on Halloween in the '90s were pretty tame in comparison to the issues we have to face now that we are adults and have actual responsibilities. Still, as kids and teens in the '90s, all the little mishaps that happened on any given day felt like the biggest deals in the world — especially a holiday. Looking back, it's easy to laugh at our younger selves when we remember just how seriously we took our face paint and how many mini chocolate bars we had to share with our siblings.

Speaking of having to share candy, here are some other awkward and cringe-worthy things you likely experienced on Halloween in the '90s:

1. Wearing The Same Costume As Someone Else


You and your parents spent hours picking out The Perfect Costume. You assumed, of course, that no one else would have the same idea — that was how awesome your costume was going to be. You roll into school or your local Halloween party, and what do you see? Oh, you know, just seven other little kids dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, exactly like you.

2. Your Parents Making You Give Away Your Candy


Whether it went to your siblings, your local dentist, or to your parents themselves, you know your parents made you count out your candy and give at least some of it away. There was no way they were letting you creep all of that sugary goodness into your bedroom.

3. Your Face Paint Smudging On The Bus To School


Ah, face paint. Who didn't love it when their face looked like a delicate flower or a scary tiger? Of course, these elaborate looks tended to last only long enough for your parents to take a picture of you in the morning. By the time you got off the bus, it was smudged beyond recognition.

4. Your Costume Falling Apart In The Bathroom


Everyone who has ever worn a costume outside of their own home knows this to be true: Your costume will fall apart at least once, likely while you are attempting to use the bathroom. Whether it's because you break a zipper, your tail falls off, or you break a shoe, some aspect of your getup will inevitably fall to pieces. And it will always, always be depressing.

5. No One "Getting" Your Costume


You put tons of effort into coming up with the perfect, most original, hilarious, smart, and enthralling costume of the year. Then you roll into your friend's costume party and discover that no one gets it. What's wrong with these people? Obviously your decision to dress as a French kiss for Halloween was a fantastic one.

6. The Inevitable Crash Of Having Way Too Much Sugar At Once


It's OK to admit it: We've all inhaled way, way too much sugar at once and needed a nap. It happens.

7. The Fake Brains And Guts Looking Way Too Real At Dinner


Remember those awesome Halloween parties where someone's parents made dinner look Halloween-y? You know, spaghetti that looked like guts, dip that looked like bloody brains, and so on and so forth. It's all fun and games until you need to actually sit down and eat it and... well, there goes your appetite.

8. Getting Your Wig Wet During Bobbing For Apples


Bobbing for apples. You know, that game where everyone's spit and snot ends up in a bucket full of water while chomping floating fruit? Yeah, all the other ickiness aside, if you ever wore a headpiece on Halloween, you knew it would meet its end in that bucket of apples.

9. Not Being Allowed To Sleep Over At The Halloween Party


Sleepovers in the '90s. What was more fun? Well, if your parents never let you actually spend the night, you were probably convinced that literally nothing was more fun than falling asleep watching Hocus Pocus in Ashley's parent's living room, because it was something you never got to do. What were you missing? You'll never know.

10. Falling For A Prank And Embarrassing Yourself


Halloween pranks: Still the bane of every slightly nervous person's existence. If you were a kid in the '90s, you definitely remember somebody's dad running around the house acting like a serial killer. Which was hilarious, of course, until you were caught off guard and found yourself screaming your head off because you forgot Michelle's mom had a mask on. So awkward.

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