11 Fashion Savvy Ways To Hide Big Tattoos

Yes, it can be a little frustrating that in this day and age, certain situations require tattooed folks to cover their ink. If you have a particularly large piece this may be tricky, so you'll likely be interested in ways to hide big tattoos in case the occasion arises.

From a job interview where you're unsure on the company's policies on tattoos, to a formal event hosted by your old-worldly, traditional grandmother, there may be a day when you'll feel like you want to cover your body mods up temporarily. In a perfect world (hopefully not too far in the distant future) society's perception of tattoos will change and nobody will think to judge a woman with sleeves or someone covered head to toe in ink. Although ink will likely still remain eye-catching, fingers crossed there will come an age where people won't get judged on anything about their appearance, including their tattoos.

For now, we live in an era where folks can go either way. Some may feel uncomfortable dyeing their hair an unnatural color or showing off their statement tattoos for a variety of practical reasons. Some might also just be wary of being stereotyped. Whatever the case may be, here are a bunch of ways to hide big tattoos no matter where they’re located.

1. A Cardigan For Full Sleeves

'Della' Red Floral Knitted Cardigan, $53, Lindy Bop

If you wish to add a classy, vintage vibe to your ensemble, channel the women of Mad Men and sport a preppy cardigan to hide full sleeves. This retro style is available in sizes S to 2XL.

2. A Shrug For Shoulder Ink

White Swan Felted Wool Animal Shrug, $185, Etsy

A quirky shrug can make a formal outfit and cover up your shoulder ink, without sacrificing your personality.

3. A Capelet For Chest Pieces

High Quality Black Triple Velvet Short Capelet With Satin Bow, $51, Etsy

Gals with large chest pieces can camouflage their artwork with an elegant capelet.

4. A Mesh Top For Arm Tatts

Ellie Long Sleeve Mesh Running Tee, $20, Boohoo

For a more casual approach, go for an edgy athleisure vibe with a mesh top.

5. A Bodysuit For Any Upper Body Ink

Plus Katey High Neck Bodysuit, $20, Boohoo

A long sleeve bodysuit will conceal any upper body ink in a flash, while also leaving the wearer looking fabulously fashionable.

6. A Cute Wetsuit For A Day At The Beach

Pop Surf 2mm Front Zip Long Sleeve Springsuit, $140, Roxy

Wetsuits make the perfect garment for a day at the beach, especially if you're swimming in the sea. There are so many styles to choose from, including full body to this less modest springsuit style — if you don't feel comfortable showing off your rad tats at the beach, pick your favorite wetsuit and enjoy your day.

7. A Rashguard For Covering Up By The Pool

XY Long Sleeve Rashguard, $45, Roxy

If you love your ink, but you can't be bothered making small talk with strangers about the origins of your tattoo, pop a rashguard on over your swimsuit and take it off as and when you please.

8. Quirky Tights For Large Leg Tattoos

Asos Curve Halloween Bats Stars And Moon Tights, $13, ASOS

A pair of interestingly patterned tights will either totally distract from your leg tattoo, or allow your ink to blend in so it looks like part of the design.

9. Thigh-High Boots For Calf & Ankle Ink

Glamorous Thigh High Black Chunky Heeled Over The Knee Boots, $79, ASOS

A pair of thigh hight boots allows you to hide your lower leg ink, while still showing a bit of skin.

10. A High Neck Dress Or Blouse For Neck Tatts

High Neck Bodycon Dress Brown, $25, Missguided

An interview might call for a high collared blouse or dress to cover up large neck tattoos.

11. Specialist Makeup For Any Body Art

The Beauty Dispensary create beauty products that help to cover up your tattoos. According to their website, "As well as being highly effective and long lasting Tattoo Secret is kind to your skin and easy to wash off." So if you've got something specific that you want to wear, utilize The Beauty Dispensary's Tattoo Secret products to hide your ink whatever you're wearing!

While you wait for the world to catch up and become more open to body art and self-expression through aesthetics, you can hide big tattoos in a jiffy using any of these methods. Plus, you'll get to look cute, too.

Images: Gabriel Nunes (1) /Unsplash