'The Edge Of Seventeen' Poster Highlights Everything To Love About The Film — PHOTO

There has been a lot of buzz about Hailee Steinfeld's new film, and it's easy to see why. In The Edge Of Seventeen, she plays Nadine Byrd, a high school junior trying to deal with curve balls like her super popular brother dating her best friend, turning her into a bit of a lonely loser. In a nice twist, the only person she's able to turn to is her history teacher Mr. Bruner, played by the always-hilarious Woody Harrelson. This exclusive new The Edge Of Seventeen poster will make you even more excited for this movie than you already are, because it focuses on everything that you're going to love about the film.

As a 2011 Academy Award nominee, it's hardly surprising that the new poster for The Edge Of Seventeen focuses on Steinfeld's performance in the movie. On the poster, the Pitch Perfect 2 actress sits opposite Harrelson at a classroom desk. She's clearly distraught, while he's trying to bestow some possibly helpful — and probably sarcastic — advice on her. Their relationship provides one of the emotional cores of the movie, and it's nice to see that reflected on the poster.

The photo of the pair is surrounded by impressive reviews and quotes about the movie, which is sounding more and more perfect by the minute. For instance, The Nerdist compares The Edge Of Seventeen to "Clueless, Mean Girls, and Juno." That definitely sounds like a film I need to watch as soon as possible, and so necessary for the next generation of teenagers who didn't grow up on the messages of those films.

My favorite quote on the new The Edge Of Seventeen poster is when Variety says, "Hailee Steinfeld... isn't just the star of The Edge of Seventeen — she's its center of gravity." Fans of the actress and singer won't be at all surprised by this review, but it's awesome to see her recognized for her many talents. Her Haiz EP features so many killer songs, and I personally can't wait for a full-length album from the artist. That she's playing the lead in such an '80s-inspired, coming of age high school movie like The Edge Of Seventeen is exciting news for Steinfeld fans everywhere. The fact that the poster celebrates just how great the actress is, especially in the film, just makes it even better.

The Edge Of Seventeen comes out Nov. 18, but you can watch the trailer a million times right now to prepare yourself. Soon, you'll be singing this movie's praises, too.

Images: FilmTrailerZone/YouTube; STX Entertainment