5 Ways To Dress Up Like Pikachu This Halloween

Chances are, you are going to see Pokemon of all shapes and sizes this October — the question is, which one will you dress as? While you could always go as a member of Team Mystic or Team Instinct, there are plenty of simple Pikachu Halloween costume ideas so that you can be everyone's favorite Pokemon for Halloween.

For any kid who grew up in the '90s, Pokemon has always been a part of your life. You obsessively traded the cards until they were banned from your school, you spent hours battling on your Game Boy until your fingers got blisters, and since the launch of "Pokemon Go" this past summer, you have become even more attached to your iPhone than ever, now that it allows you to catch 'em all wherever you go. Face it: Pokemon has taken over your life. Why not go all in and let it take over your Halloween costume, too? You know it's what all the cool kids will be doing.

Whether you're going out solo or as part of a "Pokemon Go" group costume, feeling lazy or interested in making your own outfit from scratch, here are five easy ways to dress up like Pikachu this Halloween.

1. Make your own costume.

Yellow Shirt, $6, Amazon | Pants, $12, Amazon | Leggings, $12, Amazon | Skirt, $16, Amazon | Dress, $15, Amazon | Gloves, $9, Amazon | Tights, $9, Amazon | Tutu, $7, Amazon | Hat, $11, Amazon

When making your own Pikachu costume, the key is in the color. You're going to need yellow from head to toe, and your vast options include a yellow shirt paired with pants, leggings, or a skirt, or a yellow dress. Add fun elements including yellow gloves, yellow tights, or even a yellow tutu. Top the look off with a Pikachu hat, and you have the perfect Pokemon Halloween costume just like that.

2. Or buy a costume that's already made.

Pikachu Costume, $22, Amazon

Not into DIY costumes? Leave the sewing to someone else and buy a Pikachu costume, complete with the iconic ears and a fun skirt, instead. Who needs a glue gun when there's online shopping, am I right?

3. Go in pajamas.

Pikachu Pajamas, $18, Amazon

Want a costume that's comfortable and reusable? Go with Pikachu pajamas, a warm and cozy alternative to a traditional Halloween outfit. You can call it a costume on Oct. 31, and then work it into your pajama rotation every week after that.

4. Wear a simple sweatshirt.

Pokemon Hoodie, $25, Amazon

If you're looking for a costume that only requires one item, look no further than an easy Pokemon one which only requires a hooded Pikachu sweatshirt. Warm, comfortable, and simple, it's the perfect costume for people who want to dress up without actually dressing up.

5. Say it with makeup.

Forget the zombie tutorials and traditional special effects for Halloween, because this year, it's all about yellow eye shadow and lipstick. Try your hand at Pikachu costume makeup for a memorable costume that's fun, cheap, and easy to pull off.

Images: Polyvore; Amazon (3)