Things You're Still Mad Mom Sold At A Garage Sale

If you're anything like me, sometimes you sit around around and think about how you should have just crammed all of your favorite '90s stuff in storage and kept it for the future, considering the '90s revival in which we now find ourselves in the midst. So, naturally, there are certain things you're still mad your mom sold at a garage sale in the '90s. (Or church sale, or whatever sale she could get them to when you weren't paying attention).

If you did still have them, you wouldn't have to go out and buy new versions of the stuff you loved back then, because — hello! — you'd have the originals. Alas, you're having to shell out more of your hard-earned money to feed your '90s nostalgia, and it sucks. Ya hear that, Mom? You couldn't have just held onto my things for a little while longer? For all we know, we could be billionaires right now from selling my stuff on eBay.

But I suppose what's done is done, and we all have to move on. Before we do, though, let's take a moment to silently memorialize those prized possessions our moms dropped in the sale bin.

1. Your Super Nintendo

Sure, you can buy one cheap enough online, but c'mon . . . you just can't buy sentimental value, amirite? There's no amount of money in the world that could replace the feeling of the worn-out old Super Nintendo controllers you played on after school with your crush.

2. That Princess Di Beanie Baby

When this rare Beanie Baby hit the market, you felt like a rockstar when you actually managed to get your hands on one. Losing it was almost too much to, ahem, bear.

3. Your Favorite Disney Character T-Shirt

For me, it was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I had a blue sweater with a screen-print of Ariel in a clamshell on the front, and I wore it until it was basically threadbare. I mean, how much could my mom have possibly gotten for it in a garage sale?!

4. Your Inflatable Furniture

Your inflatable furniture made you feel so cool. Plus, if we're really being honest, you enjoyed more than one make-out session on your blow-up sofa. Come to think of it, maybe your mom had a point with this one.

5. Your Massive VHS Collection

Forrest Gump? Clueless? Waterboy? Mom, how could you?

6. Your Boy Band Posters

If all was right with the world, your Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees posters would still be hanging on the walls in your childhood home where they belong.

7. Your Pogs and Pokemon

Seriously, who knows what you could barter for your Pogs and Pokemon cards for these days? Both have come back into popularity in a big way recently.

8. Your Dog-Eared Copies of Sweet Valley High Books

I realize you can find these at yard sales or check them out from the local library, but it's the principle of the matter. You had the whole collection and, more likely than not, they included some cutesy doodles that would sure be fun to look back on now.

9. Your Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action Figures

Can we get a price check on this? Someone find out how much the OG Power Rangers action figures go for these days and send an invoice to my mom? Please and thank you.

10. Your Most Prized Autograph Possession

I am convinced my mom only sold my autographed Toby Keith concert t-shirt (don't hate!) because she was tired of seeing me wear a man with a curly mullet to school.

11. Your Treasure Troll Dolls

While Tolls did not originate in the '90s, we '90s kids loved the heck out of them. We had full-size Treasure Trolls, Treasure Troll pencil toppers... you name it, we had it. Had being the key word, because our moms obviously got rid of them before we could even make a final wish on their bejeweled belly buttons.

12. Your Trusty Blossom-Style Bucket Hat

It's not necessarily that you want to incorporate this hat into your every day wardrobe, but let's be real — you get tons of invitations to '90s-themed parties now, and rocking the Blossom look would bring back memories.

13. Your Mall Madness Board Game

Can you recall a single slumber party you went to in the '90s during which you didn't play Mall Madness? Me either. Sure would have been nice to pass mine on to my daughter, MOM.

14. Your Arsenal of Chokers

If you had a dollar for every young Millennial or hipster you saw walking down the street these days sporting the same chokers you wore in the '90s, you'd had enough money to buy your own choker manufacturing plant.

15. Your Jumanji Everything

Especially in light of Robin Williams' passing, you have moments when you wish you could track down your VHS copy of Jumanji — not to mention the board game that brought your imagination to life.

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