7 Best Positions For Fall

Well, the best season of all is finally here: Fall! It’s time to break out the sweaters, invest in new wool socks for the upcoming winter, over-indulge in everything and anything pumpkin spice related, and, of course, have sex. How else does one stay warm and cozy on chilly fall nights, if they’re not having sex? It’s not like you can drink pumpkin spice lattes 24/7, and I’m not going to even get into how much it will set you back, financially, if you actually turn on your heat, so… sex in the fall it is!

Just like there were perfect sex positions for when it was hot AF this past summer, there are also perfect sex positions for the fall, too. Hell, there are ideal sex positions for every season, every day of the week, and every holiday, but since we are a few days into autumn, that’s where the focus will be for the moment. Although predictions for fall 2016 show a somewhat mild season, temperature wise, that doesn’t mean things won’t be get chilly or even downright cold once the sun goes down. Since that’s the case, it’s important to have the right sex positions on your roster so you don’t just get off with your partner, but take full advantage of each other’s body heat, too.

1. Spooning

How to do it: In the spooning cuddle position, (with you as the little spoon unless you’re trying out some pegging action), your partner penetrates you from behind.

Why it’s great for fall: Spooning, in general, is cozy AF. You’re all cuddled up, your bodies fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces, and because you’re probably in this position most fall nights anyway, it’s an easy access situation. In addition to the cozy factor, you get that super hot G-spot stimulation that entry from that angle really delivers.

2. The Sofa Brace

How to do it: For this one, get on your knees and drape yourself over the back of a couch. From here, your partner enters you from behind. It’s like a modified doggy style position, but with the comfort of a couch and some throw pillows.

Why it’s great for fall: As the days get shorter and the temperature starts to dip, you’re probably going to find yourself inside more than usual. What does one do inside after a long day at the office? Probably watch their favorite TV shows. What this means is that you and your partner are already there on the couch, then the mood strikes, so you turn around, get on your knees, and voila! Then you can get back to your shows.

3. The Lotus

How to do it: Have your partner sit with their legs crossed. Next, you want to straddle them, lowering yourself onto their lap. From here, wrap your legs and arms around them, as if you’re giving them one hell of a bear hug. This position requires some rocking, as well as gyrating.

Why it’s great for fall: Um, who doesn’t want to engage in all the bear hugs in the fall?! It’s also a position that’s totally cuddly, aka prime for this time of year, and it’s a position that will make your partner last longer. It’s fall; the fall is the ultimate loungy season, so there’s no need to rush a good thing.

4. Side By Side

How to do it: While facing your partner, pull them close to you, in a tight embrace. To make this position a little easier in regards to entry, lift your leg and drape it over your partner’s hip. Once they’re inside you, you can use this leg to pull them into your even deeper.

Why it’s great for fall: Again, similar to spooning, we have a position you’re probably already in while you’re in bed. While you spent the summer months with a couple feet between your two bodies because OMG it was a summer from HELL, now you’re probably ready to make up for all that lost time. It’s also really intimate and doesn’t fall, with all the dying trees, put people in the mood for love? Or is that just me? Fall is really romantic, people!

5. Kneeling Reach-Around

How to do it: Basically, you’re getting into good ol’ fashion doggy style for this one. Then, you’re going to incorporate some toys. Although I’m advocate for sex toys always being part of the equation for many reasons (one of which being that it takes stress off both you and your partner in regards to getting you off), this position in particular is really perfect for it. You’re being penetrated from the back, while your partner “reaches around” to stimulate your clitoris.

Why it’s great for fall: I think the real question here is why is it NOT great for fall? Or any other time of year for that matter? But I guess if we need to get into specifics, doggy style is always a favorite because of the primal quality that comes with it and the depth of penetration, so if you throw some toys into the mix, as the position calls for, you have everything you could possibly want. The best season deserves the best sex position after all.

6. Modified Missionary

How to do it: Start in traditional missionary and then lift your feet and pull your knees closer to your chest. You can also keep one foot on the bed or put your ankles over your partner's shoulder.

Why it’s great for fall: Missionary position is awesome. And, despite what you might think, there are so many variations of it… as in where you can do it, whether or not you use props (a pillow under your hips or toys), and it can even include some power play (think restraints and letting your partner on top have all the control). It’s also a classic. If you’re going to be rocking your classic Fair Isle sweater while sipping your classic pumpkin spice latte, you might as well have some missionary position sex. It just makes sense.

7. Woman On Top

How to do it: With your partner in sitting position, ideally leaning against a wall or headboard, straddle them, lowering yourself onto them, and then get the magic started.

Why it’s great for fall: With a new season comes a new reason to switch things up and maybe you spent all summer long being on the bottom, because, let’s be honest, who wants to put in a lot of effort when it’s 98 degrees outside? If you’re ready to take back some control in the bedroom, then this position will definitely hit the spot — in more ways than one.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle