Jake Johnson Won't Be In 'Jurassic World 2' & This News Is Actually Tragic

I have some sad news, Jurassic World fans. Despite making it out of the first film alive, Jake Johnson will not return for Jurassic World 2 . Heroic Hollywood was the first to spot Johnson's depressing Tweet, confirming there are currently no plans for Lowery to return for another round of meta dinosaur commentary, and I have to say this is tragic, guys.

Lowery was a supporting character in every sense of the phrase. He spent the entire movie hanging out in the control room with his plastic dinosaurs and being adorably awkward. In that sense, he is not as important as Chris Pratt's heroic dinosaur trainer or Bryce Dallas Howard's businesswoman-turned-action star Claire. However, Lowery provided Jurassic World with laughs and the same kind of commentary another bespectacled smarty offered up in the original franchise. Johnson's Lowery was this generation's Dr. Ian Malcolm, and going forward without him is going to be a bummer.

I'm not saying Jurassic World 2 cannot be good without Johnson in it, but I am saying historically Jurassic Park sequels have been better when they include their sexy, awkward smart guys in prominent roles. Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm is the most memorable human character from the original franchise, because his quips were all instant classics. He also may or may not have been responsible for making nerds cool.

Lowery is a direct descendant of Malcolm. He is awkward, brilliant, but also crazy-sexy. He even has a soft spot for the original park, despite its less than wholesome past. Lowery was a standout character in Jurassic World, both because he was charming and because Johnson is amazing at playing snarky geeks. There is no doubt Lowery and his sense of humor are going to be missed.

On the bright side, if history repeats itself, Johnson will be back to headline a future sequel and possibly irresponsibly bring his child to the island filled with dangerous dinosaurs à la Goldblum in The Lost World: Jurassic World. All I know for sure is every generation deserves to have its Dr. Malcolm. Sure, Malcolm and Lowery weren't the heroes, but they were the guys the audience could relate to. I mean, who else was going to point out all ways a dinosaur park could go horribly wrong?


At least Lowery made it out alive. While his snark and totally failed passes at his coworker will be sorely missed, Lowery fans will always have Jurassic World. I like to think somewhere out there Lowery will watch Owen and Claire fighting off dinosaurs on the news in the sequel, while he sits safely at home cracking inappropriate jokes and wearing his cool vintage Jurassic Park t-shirt.

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