This Woman Dressed As A Bloody Tampon For Halloween Is A True American Hero

In a world where women period-shaming is so relentless that we even hear it from presidential nominee, we are in dire need of heroes like this woman who dressed up as a bloody tampon for Halloween. The plot twist on this, though? We know not the identity of this tampon-clad badass. She is a Millennial, menstrual Cinderella; but rather than a glass slipper, all she has left behind is but one Instagram of herself, taken by New York Magazine writer Jada Yuan. All we know about the tampon crusader are these two facts: she was at the Village Halloween Parade in New York City on Monday, and she is a perfect human being. "I've wanted to be a soiled tampon for so many years," Nameless Champion Of Menstruating Women Everywhere told Yuan at the parade last night. Yuan also wrote that she requested she take a picture of her smiling, because "tampons take a lot of pride in their work".

And truly, the amount of pride our hero has in her getup truly does shine — a nice blood red, in fact. Do your uterus a favor and feast its eyes upon the majesty of this costume.

Please pretend that I'm using my best Billy Mays voice here when I say, "But WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL!" Because not only did this intrepid tampon take on the streets of New York, but fierce ladies all over the country repped for our monthly ~gifts~. Truly, when you think about it, there is no perfect time than Halloween to poke fun at the mass panic and serious taboo re: periods, despite the fact that they are totally natural, biological processes that happen to, well, a fairly large portion of our population. Periods are so feared that they've been banned or instigated harassment on Instagram, been used as sexist scapegoats for why women "aren't fit" for certain tasks, and have endured period-shaming not just by men, but other women, and even the people who sell menstrual products. Honestly, for this whole "giving life" thing, uteruses can't catch a break.

Enter all these Halloween ballers, who dressed up as the ~fearful~ period, and in doing so helped normalize a topic that should never have been taboo in the first place.

A Period Stain

I would say this happens to the best of us, but it happens to all of us. It is probably happening right now. (MADE YOU LOOK.)

The Period Herself

#Respect, for she reigns supreme.

See, don't we all feel a little bit better about all the massive period-shaming and the fact that tampons are still being taxed and people keep asking if Hillary Clinton will be able to do her job during her ~time of the month~? ... Not quite yet? OK, well — at least baller costumes like these bring humanity one step closer to being normal, chill humans about this normal, chill thing that happens to women. Until then, Mystery Bloody Tampon Woman FTW.

Images: Courtesy of Jada Yuan; Pexels