14 Things Every ‘90s Kid Did On The Weekend

There were a few things in the '90s that were sure to make a kid happy: Pizza parties in school, getting to watch episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy, and when the bell rang on Friday afternoons. Saturdays and Sundays were filled with all the things every '90s kid did on the weekend, and it never got old. Less time with schoolwork and more time with friends made for memories that last a lifetime. In fact, to this very day, I can remember the satisfaction of waking up at 10:00 a.m. to the smell of bacon and the sound of cartoons coming from the living room. Those were the days. As an adult, I wake up at 6:00 a.m. — without an alarm. Think about that.

I long for the carefree weekends of my childhood, before bills and mortgages, before doing endless loads of laundry and fighting the crowds at the grocery store. Seriously, people. Push your cart on the right side of the aisle. This is not too much to ask. Please and thank you.

All jokes aside, life is good for me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. But that doesn't mean I don't miss late morning episodes of Rugrats, racing around the neighborhood on my bike, and these 14 things a lot of us did on the weekends as kids in the '90s.

1. Kicking It Off With TGIF TV


Thank goodness it's Friday — because that means episodes of Full House, Family Matters, and Perfect Strangers. Best. TV. Lineup. Ever.

2. Sleeping In So Late, Your Parents Started To Worry


"Good morning, sweetheart. Just checking in to make sure you're still alive."

3. Saturday Morning Cartoons, Heck Yes


Nothing beat shuffling into the living room on a Saturday morning with disheveled hair and your favorite blankie for some of the best Saturday morning 'toons.

4. Frozen Waffles For Breakfast, Because There No Rules


Well-rounded diet? Yes. My waffles are round.

5. Staying In Your Pajamas Until Lunch


And the only reason you changed was because your parents said you couldn't play outside in your jammies.

6. Video Games With The Neighbors


Donkey Kong and Mario Kart for the win!

7. Play Time Until The Street Lights Came On


Back before smartphones and Instagram, we actually spoke to people.

8. Sleepovers And Building Forts


Not going to lie. I've built forts as a grown adult because this will never stop being cool.

9. Staying Up Late To Watch Nick At Night


We were huge I Love Lucy fans. It was the highlight of our night.

10. Mass Clean-Out Of Your Bedroom


And by bedroom, I'm clearly referring to your Caboodle.

11. No Rules At Snack Time


These days, kids' snacks have to be non-GMO and organic. Back in the day, we ate cookies dipped in frosting.

12. Fighting With Your Siblings




13. Neighborhood-Sized Games Of Hide And Go Seek


If we wanted to be extra sneaky, we'd tell a kid to go hide and then we'd never look for them.

14. Waiting Until The Last Minute To Do Homework


This ranks right under fighting with our siblings on our parents' list called "Things I Despise The Most."

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