Let Jacob Tremblay’s Positive Attitude Restore Your Faith In Humanity, In An Otherwise Difficult Time

When you consider his incredible performance in 2015's intense, award-winning movie Room, it's easy to forget that Jacob Tremblay is still just a kid. Albeit an impressive kid, but still, one whose roles are much more mature than you'd expect from the average 10-year-old. Yet as soon as I start talking to him, his bubbly, optimistic spirit is contagious — and it's a refreshing change of pace from the sometimes jaded world of Hollywood. Not only that, but his attitude can be especially uplifting, given the current state of America. No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on, there's no denying tensions are high right now. So let's forget about that for a moment and find a much-needed source of inspiration in this pint-sized Canadian star.

Speaking to Bustle on Nov. 4, Tremblay reflects on what it's like to be one of today's youngest actors and how instead of viewing it as a downside, his age is actually something that makes his success even sweeter. "I think it’s great, because as a young actor, you don't really expect that much people to actually care about you," he says. "There’s other adult people who are still famous and stuff. It’s nice to realize that some people actually pay attention to you, so that’s really cool."

And people are paying attention. Tremblay has continued to make fans smile — whether posting videos dancing in his Marty McFly Halloween costume or playing with his adorable dog. But no, it's not just his endearing actions that are worth noting; his words can be powerful too. When I ask what Hollywood's older generation can learn from newcomers, he says, "To have fun. And it doesn't matter how young you are, you can be awesome." That's valuable advice for anyone — actor or not.

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In case you need another Tremblay tidbit to make you smile, he admits he sometimes gets spooked by his own movies. Describing his character Tom in the upcoming thriller Shut In , he says, "He doesn't have a family, so he’s an orphan. Naomi Watts’ character is a therapist, because my character needs help. And so she helps him." Based on the trailer, the movie centers around uncertainty about whether Tremblay's haunting character is still alive or a ghost. This explains why he can't reveal too many details, but offers, "It’s tough for me to explain it without giving up a lot, because mainly the movie is mostly surprises."

Unlike his role of Jack in Room, who got giddy playing with his toy Eggsnake, this character is not bright-eyed or warm. Instead, Tremblay's Tom is mysterious and ominous in Shut In, in theaters on Friday, Nov. 11. When I inquire about whether he sees the mature movies he stars in, Tremblay explains, "Well, I watch it, but if some parts are too scary or a bit too adult-ish, for me, I kind of hide some of my eyes." And in the case of Shut In, you may have the same reaction, as he warns, "There are lots of really scary parts and lots of surprises, so you should be ready. Be prepared."

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Between Shut In's Naomi Watts and his Room co-star, Brie Larson, Tremblay has worked alongside some strong, inspiring women in Hollywood — and that's not an opportunity he takes for granted. "It was really fun to work with them because they were such good actors and they gave me so many good tips on how to be a great actor," he says. "So I basically learned from them."

Tremblay may be learning the ropes from talented leading ladies, but when it comes to being optimistic and seeing the good in life, the rest of us can certainly learn from him. And if you need a distraction from current events, it sounds like his spooky new movie may do the trick.