Petra Is Back On 'Jane The Virgin' & It's Not Good News For Rafael

While having Petra able to move and speak again is definitely for the best, it still stung that Petra is back on Jane the Virgin as a villain. Yes, loving to hate Petra while she's wreaking havoc and looking fabulous as she struts through the halls of the Marbella is one of the many joys of watching Jane the Virgin. However, Petra had made such strides to becoming a more moral person in Season 2, so it was slightly disappointing (even if it was full of juicy drama) that Petra is not going to be playing nice anymore on Jane the Virgin. As the narrator said, "Get ready, friends — the b*tch is back."

Back in Season 1, Petra started as a foil to Jane and it looks like she's going back to her old ways tenfold. After three long months of being unable to move or speak, she wasn't thankful to Rafael and Jane for discovering that Anezka had been impersonating her. Instead, she maintained her sister's cover to the public (including dating Scott!) and pretended to be Anezka. Yet, in the final moments of "Chapter 49," she revealed to Rafael the truth — and ordered him to leave the Marbella. That's because while she was forcefully paralyzed, she had heard Rafael telling Anezka (disguised as Petra) that he was happy to see her playing with their daughters because he had worried she was missing the mom gene. Well, as viewers learned from Season 2, Petra does not like to be criticized for her parenting style— even if she isn't very warm and fuzzy — and so she has it out for Rafael.


As Petra explained to Rafael, she had been nice in Season 2 and it ended up with her being paralyzed: "So I am done with nice." Oh man, as not good as this is for Rafael and probably Jane, it was excellent to see Yael Grobglas back in her original element of being the badass Petra who doesn't let anyone mess with her. She even took out some revenge on her sister by having the words "NOT PETRA" tattooed to her twin's forehead. Not saying what Anezka did to Petra wasn't cruel, but damn, that's pretty harsh — even if bangs will cover it up.

Luisa still owns a third of the Marbella, but Petra wants Rafael to force her to sell — otherwise, she's going to ruin his life more than she already has tried to do in the past. While the Marbella is always close to changing hands, maybe it really won't be part of the Solano family anymore if Petra has her way — and that could potentially negatively impact the incomes of Rafael, Luisa, Jane, and Alba. Although I had dreamed of softer Petra emerging from the paralysis, I was dead wrong. Let's just hope she turns some of her wrath to a person who truly deserves it — her mother — instead of only being hateful to the people who care for her like Rafael and Jane.

Images: Robert Voets/The CW; Giphy