What To Know Pre-Running Into An Ex This Weekend

As much as I love Thanksgiving, going back to the town where I grew up isn’t something to love. There’s nothing wrong with that adorable New Hampshire town, but the fear of running into someone from high school, most notably an ex, is real. So real that I actually stay inside and when friends from high school suggest getting a drink at one of the two bars in town, I pretend I’m really busy… which I am, because lying on the couch with my dog is hard work. But running into an ex over Thanksgiving is inevitable for many people going home for the holidays this year.

Match's 2016 Singles in America survey found is that about half of singles have two or fewer exes, while 17 percent have five or more exes. While those numbers of exes aren't huge, there’s still a good chance at least one of them will be from high school — if not, there’s always that crush that still makes you blush and walk into walls, or maybe that’s just me.

Unless you remain relationship-free your entire life, you’re going to collect some exes along the way. Since that’s the case, here are 11 stats about exes, according to Match’s Singles in America survey.

1. Most Singles Believe You Get The Ex Label If You’ve Dated Over Three Months

As to how long people need to date before they can be considered an ex, varies. For over 50 percent of singles, you need to date at least three months or more, anything shorter isn’t “ex” material. For 32 percent of women, you need to date someone for over a year before they get the oh-so lovely “ex” title.

2. People Are Still Drunk Dialing Exes

Although we’re living in a texting world, there are singles out there who still like to drunk dial an ex. According to the findings that percentage is 16, with roughly half of those doing it two times or less. But something tells me if Match were to look into drunk texting an ex, that percentage might be higher. At least by a bit.

3. Austin Has The Highest Number Of Exes

Well, if you’re looking to be someone’s ex or want another ex to add to your collection, then you might want to consider Austin, where fish tacos are completely out of this world, in case you needed a food-related incentive. In Austin, the average number of exes people have is 7.428. The state with the highest number of exes is Kansas with 7.953.

4. Women Are More Prone To Creeping On An Ex’s Social Media

When it came to checking up on an ex via social media, 32 percent of women admitted to it, compared to only 20 percent of men. Of those who did go looking for info, the average number of times they did so — and excuse me while I laugh — was 16. Only 16?! Maybe 16 times a day… not 16 total! Come on, people! Even I can admit to doing it at least a dozen times a day when I’m in extra nosey mood. Hashtag “no regrets.”

5. Both Men And Women Have Dreamed About Sex With An Ex

While a third of both men and women have dreamed about having sex with an ex, men do it more often. According to the stats, the average number of sex dreams men have about an ex is 15, whereas for women it’s eight.

6. Exes Are The Stuff Of Nightmares For 20 Percent Of Women

Some of the most terrifying nightmares of my life have involved an ex. Not just because of the ex, but because I’m usually running after them to tell them I hate them and I’m not a runner. So it’s nice to know that I’m in the 20 percent of women who have had nightmares about an ex. As for men, only 14 percent reported having nightmares about an ex, and both men and women said the average number of these nightmares was 10.

7. Men Fantasize About An Ex More Than Women

When it comes to fantasizing about an ex, men and women were equal at 30 percent of them admitting to it. But as for how often, men beat out women at 21 times. Women managed to keep those fantasies at 16.

8. 25 Percent Have Hooked Up With An Ex

Of those surveyed, 25 percent said they had hooked up with an ex at one point or another. Men, however, at eight times, did it more than women, who reported doing it only six times.

9. More Men Than Women Would Date An Ex’s Friend

For 50 percent of men, dating an ex’s friend isn’t a big deal and they’d do it, while only 25 percent of women would date someone who’s friends with their ex. As for who would be more upset about such a situation, half of women reported that they’d be less than thrilled, while a third of men felt the same.

10. Men Have An Easier Time Being Friends After The Fact

Although whether or not you can be friends with an ex has a lot to do with how the relationship ended, 50 percent of men said they could do it. Women, on the other hand, at only 42 percent, were able to pull off such a feat.

11. How Many Exes You Have Plays A Role In Orgasms

Say what? According to the findings, five or more exes increases your chances at having multiple orgasms by 103 percent! When broken down by gender, that chance at having multiple orgasms increases by a whopping 130 percent for women and 78 percent for men.

So, while you may be avoiding your ex like the plague over the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s nice to know that they’re not totally a waste. If the more exes you have can get you closer to elusive multiple orgasms, then I say we all need more relationships in our life stat.

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