6 Songs Dedicated To Solo Sex

Some people might still think of masturbation as a male thing, but plenty of women could debunk that theory. And though the meaning isn't always in your face, there are enough songs about female masturbation to fill an album. And a lot of them are actually feminist AF.

You might be surprised by how many songs actually tackle this topic. A lot of songs are more sexual than they might've seemed when we first heard them, especially if we were kids at the time. Aqua's "Barbie Girl" was pretty damn dirty if you look at the lyrics, and Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" has a few sexual references you very well could've missed but can't possibly miss now.

According to a survey by the sex toy company TENGA, 81 percent of women have masturbated, and they do it twice a week on average. So, it shouldn't be surprising that this common habit has found its way into music. Plus, since women who masturbate are breaking taboos and asserting that their sexuality exists independently of men, many have sung about the topic to make a statement about women's empowerment.

Here are some songs you may not have realized are dedicated to female masturbation.

1. "Feeling Myself" By Beyoncé And Nicki Minaj

So, chances are, this song is about loving and approving of yourself. But it's impossible not to wonder if Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are also talking about feeling yourself literally.

2. "Hump Day" By Miss Eaves

This song includes not only empowering lyrics like "all I need to go is one hand" but also an incredible video that features women doing their best O faces.

3. "I Touch Myself" By Divinyls

Perhaps one of the earliest odes to female self-love, this one leaves nothing ambiguous. When it came out in 1990, it served as a reminder that men weren't the only ones who got excited when they thought of a special person in their life.

4. "Touch Of My Hand" By Britney Spears

You might've not realized this when you were a kid listening to Britney, but she was almost definitely singing about masturbation here. "All the things I've tried to hide / I shut myself out from the world so I / can draw the blinds and I'll teach myself to fly / I love myself / It's not a sin / I can't control what's happenin'," she sings. This one's also got some empowering words: "My body is mine. I won't be left behind."

5. "Love Myself" By Hailee Steinfeld

Again, this could be about unconditionally approving of yourself, but then there are lines like "I know how to scream my own name," so...

6. "Fingers" By Pink

This one isn't exactly as passionate as the others — rather than masturbating out of lust, Pink is doing it as a sleep aid. "I’m kinda bored now, I can’t sleep," she sings. But hey, whatever works.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Giphy(6)