5 Intimate Sex Positions To Try Over The Holidays

The holidays are actually the most wonderful time of the year — you get to eat delicious food, give, and receive presents, spend time with family and friends, and blast "All I Want For Christmas Is You" on loop without (much) judgment. What with all the warm and fuzzy feelings circulating during the holiday season, plus the fact that lots of places are cold AF, there's a pretty good chance you'll want to spend as much time cozied up to your partner as you can, which lends itself to the wonderful possibility of lots of intimate holiday sex.

"The holiday season is [all] about memories and intimacy," Michele M. Paiva, Licensed Zen Psychotherapist, tells Bustle. "Individuals often feel that sexuality during the holiday season is taboo but, what better time if coupled up, than to express love and passion?" For people with serious partners with whom they're spending the holidays, it's the perfect time to "bond" even further by experimenting with fun, passionate sex. Although your childhood bedroom might not seem like the best place to get frisky with your partner, there are plenty of hacks for having sex while home for the holidays, so you won't have to suffer through too many orgasm-less days.

"Sex during the holidays is a perfect reason to emphasize the cuddly coziness that can be achieved with you and your partner," Dr. Megan Stubbs, sexologist and relationship expert, tells Bustle. "Find innocuous happenings during your holiday events to create a fun game with your partner. Count how many times someone makes a passive, or just plain aggressive comment about politics and make that number the time you try to make your partner come."

If you're looking to cozy up and enjoy some "holiday cheer" this season, here are five positions that will up the intimacy and bring you and your partner closer than ever before. After all, orgasms are the perfect stocking stuffer.

1. Spooning

After you're done spooning mashed potatoes into your mouth at dinner, consider trying an even better kind of spooning. "Spoon style sex is a great way to create intimacy AND is the perfect position for your post [holiday] feast," Stubbs says. "It is great for shallow thrusts and is comfortable for both parties as one person is not squishing the other."

How to Do It: For starters, both of should be lying on your sides and facing the same direction. The little spoon should bend forward at the hip and lift your top leg, allowing your partner to enter (or simply touch) you from behind. Don't be afraid to lube up — this position can create good-feeling friction.

2. Woman-On-Top

The best thing about woman on top sex is its flexibility: you can lean down for more skin-to-skin contact, or sit up straight and put on a show. Woman on top is a great position for female orgasm, because it lets you control the pace and adjust to make it work for you, and provides eye contact galore. If you're able to cowgirl your way to a great orgasm, what other gift could you need?

How to Do It: While your partner is on their back, straddle them, with your legs on either side of their body. You can sit up straight and bounce up and down, or lean forward and prop your body weight on your elbows so you can grind against your partner. Whichever way you choose, enjoy the ride and be confident as you take charge of the pace.

3. Side By Side

With this position, you get all the benefits of spoon-style sex, but with the added front-to-front bonus of sexy eye contact. Locking eyes with a partner during sex — or even better, during orgasm — is super intimate, and can make sex even more passionate, which is perfect for the cuddly holiday season.

How to Do It: Lie down on the bed (or the floor, if you prefer) facing each other. For women, your pelvis should be higher than your partner's on the bed, then wrap your top leg over them, using it to help pull you closer together while guiding them inside of you.

4. Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

This twist on missionary is the perfect way to stoke your fire this holiday season. "CAT or coital alignment technique is another great position for intimacy and female orgasms," Stubbs says. "Both partners have maximum skin contact and hands are free to touch and explore. You are also able to kiss and look into your partner's eyes."

How to Do It: While in the missionary position (the woman on her back with the man on top), have your partner pull their body up toward your head so that their pelvis is slightly higher up your body than usual. The real twist? They should try grinding against your pelvis instead of relying on the traditional in-and-out thrusting. "The key to this position is to have the penetrators pelvis slightly above the woman's which will maximize the friction and pressure on the clitoris," Stubbs says. For even more in-depth instructions, you can read all about CAT to perfect your technique.

5. In A Chair

If you're in a pinch this holiday season and have to sneak your rendezvous in under the guise of a "grocery run," you can use the driver's seat of your car as the 'chair' and go to town on-the-go. If you've been with your partner for a long time, this kind of spontaneous sex is a throwback to your younger days, and will help the two of you create a fun (and naughty) holiday memory — and it might even become a tradition.

How to Do It: Pick a sturdy, but comfy, chair (ideally one that's not creaky). Have your partner sit down before you straddle them, then position yourself on your partner, using your feet to help ground you. All that's left is to wrap your partner in a tight embrace and enjoy the ride.

"Even though some people may not be in the mood because of stress or extra house guests, sex is the ideal cure to help shake you out of your Grinchy mood," Stubbs says. "Sex is a great way to destress, reconnect with your partner, and help boost your mood. Try to steal away moments when you can!"

However you choose to get naughty this holiday season, I wish you a merry orgasm.

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