Emily Gilmore & Jack Smith Aren't Meant For Each Other, According To 'Gilmore Girls' Actor Kelly Bishop

In Gilmore Girl: A Year In The Life, we (and the girls) had to deal with a terrible loss — that of the family patriarch, Richard Gilmore. Possibly the hardest hit by Richard's loss was Emily Gilmore, but before we go into how she deals with her pain, be wary for there be Spoilers ahead if you haven't finished the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. Emily dealt with her loss in a few ways — she got a larger-than-life painting of Richard, decided to clean everything from her home that didn't bring her joy, moved to Nantucket, and even got a new male friend. But never fear, because one of the women who knows Emily best, the actress who plays the character, Kelly Bishop, doesn't think Emily's new relationship will stick.

We first catch a glimpse of Jack Smith, the new man that pops up in Emily's life, in a flashback to Richard's funeral in "Winter" when he shares a story about Richard in college and women's underwear, which Emily seems to appreciate. Then in the third episode, "Summer," Lorelai is horrified to find "new Daddy Jack" using her father's patio drinking cart. Finally we see him again hanging out at Emily's Nantucket summer-home-turned-always-home before he has to leave for the city.

But again, never fear, because as Bishop told The Hollywood Reporter, "I mean, obviously, he had been a really good friend of theirs. She's lonely. She hadn't been hugged or kissed for a long time but obviously that wasn't the person for her because when he said he had to leave and go back to the city, she was so relieved." And Bishop does have a point — when the twosome are hanging out in Nantucket, Jack tells Emily "I've got bad news" and she responds "lobster is fine," so she's clearly not that bothered, regardless of what his bad news may be. Then, when he reveals that the "bad news" is that he must return to the city, Emily doesn't seem to mind at all and actually seems relieved. It appears that Emily is just using the guy for a bit of comfort and isn't that interested in pursuing a real relationship.

And as Bishop points out, "...right now, especially with Emily, the door's wide open" so it doesn't seem like the Gilmore matriarch would waste her time on someone she can't even pay attention to without daydreaming of lobster. Bishop wonders: "There's nothing sort of stopping her now. She's got plenty of money. She has all the freedom in the world. So who knows where she would be off to? Would she travel? Would she take on causes? I mean who knows. Maybe all of the above."


Which brings us to an exciting question: What if there is more Gilmore Girls after this revival? Some things definitely seemed to be left unfinished (those last four words, am I right?) so will we actually see the end of it? Bishop admitted she would "work with Amy anytime she wants to write something for me" and that additional episodes "...could happen now because the door is open and there's a whole world out there."


Keep those fingers crossed for more episodes because I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to find out what happens with Emily's personal life.

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