The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Nov. 29

Happy second-to-last-day of November, everyone. This month has totally sped by, and the December holidays are coming up fast. It's time to break out the ugly Christmas sweaters and start sipping on some eggnog, because the next few weeks are going to absolutely fly, if November was any indication.

As you prep for those snowy days indoors and the canceling of all your plans (admit it, it's totally going to happen), catch up on the biggest news from today, from Giving Tuesday donations to the labeling of the world's best cheese (yes, you heard me right).

Women + Street Harassment

In the latest installment of Bustle's NSFWomen video series, female bike messagers reveal how the street harassment many of them regularly face makes their jobs even more dangerous. 65 percent of women have reportedly dealt with street harassment throughout their lives, but when your job involves biking through the streets of a city every day, the threat is even more real.

Behind The Scenes: "Shooting this piece touched a nerve for all of us, because everyone woman on our team — and every woman we know — has been affected by street harassment," says Senior Video Producer Abbey Adkinson, who worked on the new installment. "We have some idea of how sick and tired [the bike messengers] must be of the constant harassment, and they're speaking out against it." If you're interested in combatting the issue, Adkinson recommends checking out the organization Stop Street Harassment.

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Giving Tuesday + How To Donate

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have been focused on spending, but Giving Tuesday is all about how you can spend your money (and time) helping out others. If you're looking for a way to give back, consider donating to one of these nine nonprofits focused on women, minorities, and the environment, from Emily's List to the Immigration Counsel.

Fun Fact: Despite its popularity, Giving Tuesday is actually a fairly new phenomenon, having only begun in 2012. It was started by the Belfer Center for Innovation and Social Impact at the 92nd Street Y, with the goal of replacing the commercialization of the post-Thanksgiving season with love, kindness, and good will.

Cheese + Your New Obsession

Start packing your bags, cheese lovers. On Tuesday, the World Cheese Awards (yes, that's really a thing) voted on the best cheese in the world: Kraftkar, a blue cheese coming from the Norwegian cheese producer Tingvollost. Right now, Tingvollost cheese is mostly only available in Scandinavia, but it's safe to assume that the product will become a lot more available thanks to its spiffy new title.

Pro Tip: Winter can wreak havoc on your skin, but it's far from inevitable. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Michael Swann told Bustle that he recommends incorporating avocado, olive oil, nuts, and coconut oil into your diet to ensure healthy skin this season.

Badass Women + Pirelli's New Calendar

The debut of the annual Pirelli Calendar is always exciting, and the 2017 edition is no exception. Released on Tuesday, this year's calendar is notable not only for featuring some of the most interesting, badass celeb ladies around — Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong'o, Jessica Chastain and more — but also not retouching a single one of the photos. Hell, yes.

Shopping Break: If your daily routine includes straightening your hair but you're tired of worrying about damage, check out these nine hair straightening tools recommended by experts, all of which should leave your hair free of both curls and problems.

Star Trek + LGBT Representation

In a major movie for the TV landscape and Trekkies everywhere, it was announced that 2017's Star Trek Discovery has cast the franchise's first out gay character, a Starfleet Science Officer to be played by Rent's Anthony Rapp. In a world where LGBT characters are all too rare in film and on TV, Star Trek's casting move is not only exciting, but incredibly important.

Have A Very Potter Christmas: Few things go together as well as Harry Potter and Christmas. If you're looking to incorportate the boy wizard into your holiday celebration, here are the 38 items, from a Potter-themed sweater (of course) to book-shaped ornaments, that you'll need.

Today's WTF Moment: #ChickenoftheSea — Jessica Simpson, making fun of her 2003 self with a meme honoring her infamous Newlyweds quote on Twitter. Ah, memories.

What To Watch: Drunk History is about to get a Broadway infusion. Tonight's episode, airing at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central, tells the story of Alexandar Hamilton and features none other than Hamilton's portrayer himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Don't miss it.

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