Does Instagram Tell Someone When You Screenshot Their Story? Notifications Only Happen For Specific Posts

The recent news that people might possibly get a notification when you screenshot certain Instagram posts sent all of us social media creepers into a panic; for example, we're now also wondering if Instagram tells someone when you screenshot their Story, too. Bustle has reached out to Instagram for comment, but until we hear back, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and go back to our stalking: It doesn't look like any notification is sent if you screenshot a Story.

The panic first hit after Instagram's recent addition of live video and disappearing messages. The features are super cool; however, when people discovered they received notifications that someone had taken a screenshot of their disappearing post sent via Instagram DM, our anxiety went from a level two to about a level 20 in four seconds flat. Did this mean the end of Insta-stalking? Thankfully, no. Sort of. Screenshots will trigger a notification, but only for disappearing photos and videos sent directly to a person via DM.

But what about Instagram Stories? Are those safe? Although we don't have the official word from Instagram yet, it's pretty safe to say that screenshotting Stories doesn't send a notification. Hooray! We can also continue to screenshot normal photo and video posts like the creepers we are. Hooray!


Just to make sure, though, I gave it test myself. First, I posted a story of my dogs being adorable, of which my boyfriend promptly took a screenshot; then, I patiently waited for a notification. But!... nothing arrived. Obviously this is anecdotal evidence — one example does not a scientific sample make — but user experience doesn't typically vary dramatically when it comes to individual social media features, so it's highly likely that my experience will be the case across the entire platform.

Remember that if you're worried about someone taking a screenshot of you and privacy is of concern, you do have the option to hide your Story from certain people.

Although to be honest, even though most of our super sleuth Instagram tendencies are still screenshot-safe, this has been enough to scare me away from ever taking a screenshot ever again. Because does my sister's friend's sister really need to know I lurk on her Insta because I'm obsessed with her clothes? No. No, she does not.

Carry on, friends.

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