Expert Tweezing Tips For Perfect Brows At Home

Unless you've attended beauty school or spent hours trawling through online tutorials, chances are, when it comes to plucking your eyebrows, you dive in and hope for the best. If you're tired of not achieving your desired results, you'll want to learn some tweezing tips from an expert so you can pluck with confidence.

Don't be too hard on yourself: It's ridiculously easy to get tripped up while plucking your eyebrows. In fact, there should be some kind of award for the times when you manage to surface from a tweezing session with half decent brows, that don't make you look ever so slightly annoyed, confused, or surprised. It just takes one moment of distraction or a slip of the wrist and your brows go from being fabulously on fleek to, well, questionable. During the '90s, brow trends were thin — if you messed up your brows and accidentally plucked too much, you looked stylish. While thin eyebrows can still look amazing, the more popular look tends toward natural or bushy — meaning many people want to know how to be a little more careful with their tweezers.

Although you can fill in sparse areas where you've gone a little OTT, it's much better to learn how to pluck well. An expert weighed in on how to improve your tweezing skills below.

1. Outline Your Brows Before Plucking

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“Outline brows with a pencil and make sure they look even, then tweeze hairs that fall outside the shape,” Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar, tells Bustle over email. “This will help ensure you do not get tweezer happy.”

2. Find The Perfect Location

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“Tweeze in dull lighting and stay away from magnifying mirrors to avoid over plucking,” Vucetaj explains. Choose a well-lit spot in the house (with a mirror, of course) to get your pluck on.

3. Keep Your Tweezers Clean

“Use an alcohol swab to clean the tip of your tweezers so they do not dull over time,” says Vucetaj. Keeping them clean will ensure a more precise pluck.

4. Use Slanted Tip Tweezers

Slanted Tip Tweezers, $25,

If you dismissed tweezing as your least favorite form of hair removal and opted for a different method, it may have been because of the type of tweezers you were using.“Make sure you use slanted tip tweezers to avoid breaking the skin and hairs — try the Sania's Brow Bar Slant Tip Tweezers for perfect precision,” Vucetaj says.

5. Invest In An Awesome Brow Pencil

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Perfect brows aren’t going to happen over night, they take time, patience, and the right tools — starting with a pencil. “A good brow pencil will be your best friend in creating the illusion of perfect brows,” says Vucetaj.

6. Don’t Tweeze Too Much


Less is certainly more when it comes to how often you should be tweezing. “Do not tweeze more often than every two weeks,” Vucetaj advises.

7. Alternate Between Brows

“Tweeze a few hairs on one brow then move on the next — continue to go back and forth between brows while stepping back from the mirror to take a look,” Vucetaj explains. “This will make sure you are tweezing hairs evenly on both sides.” After all, the aim of the tweezing game is to end up with even brows.

Follow these pro tips to the letter and you're sure to become a tweezing queen in no time.

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