The Best 2016 Gifts To Give Your Vagina This Holiday

With all the gift-giving that will be had this holiday season, it’s time to think about yourself. I’m not just talking about all those sexy gifts that you more than deserve, but gifts that are equally sexy, but also good for you, too. Am I talking in riddles? No. I’m talking about gifts for your vagina.

Vaginas are, for lack of a better word, awesome. Every component of it; from the vulva to labia to the clitoris and every other part is an extraordinary work of art or, as Bustle writer, Gaby Moss, wrote, your vagina is an action movie hero. Just the fact that the clitoris, the only part of the human anatomy that exists solely for pleasure — and no other reason — is part of the vagina, just adds to how phenomenal it is.

Earlier this year, a collaborative effort of gynecologists, as well as CEOs and Founders of some of the most feminist and pro-women companies around, including Alexandra Fine of Dame Products, Tania Bolder of Elvie, and Karen Long and Dr. Leah Millheiser, both of Nuelle, developer of sexual wellness and intimate care products for women, launched the Legalize V campaign to remind us why we should never be ashamed of the word "vagina".

"I'm a fan of a good dirty word as much of the next person, but the problem here is that 'vagina' isn't dirty — it's the name of a part of our bodies, and an incredibly important one," Alexandra Fine, CEO/Co-Founder of Dame Products, tells Bustle. "By relaying the notion that it is a bad/dirty word, we're cutting people off from being able to describe any activity that might have to do with that part of their bodies — which has countless negative consequences. Suddenly, universal acts like sex, menstruation or even discharge become impossible to have a dialogue about, because we can't say the word 'vagina.' This means that these topics are under-discussed, misunderstood, and generally poorly addressed."

And because your vagina is so damn cool, it should absolutely be on your who-to-buy-for holiday list. Here are seven gifts for your vagina, from ones that strengthen your pelvic floor to ones that liberate you.

1. For When You Want To Exercise Your Pelvic Floor

No matter your age, you are never too young to start your Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, leading to more intense orgasms, better bladder control, and is a great way to keep your uterus strong and healthy, something you really want both during and after pregnancy. Lovelife Krush measures the strength of your pelvic floor while exercising it at the same time. Connect the app and let the workout begin.

Lovelife Krush, $149,

2. For When You Want A Lesson In Your Anatomy

When Our Bodies, Ourselves was first published in the early 1970s, the groundbreaking book taught both girls and women not just about the female anatomy, but female sexuality. Since the, several more editions have been published, each one more updated for the women of the time. The more knowledge you have about your body and its inner works, the better your masturbation and sex life will be.

Our Bodies, Ourselves: A New Edition for a New Era, $5.97, Amazon

3. For When You Want To Ditch Tampons

THINX has created something so revolutionary that, even though I’ve tried them and love them, I still can’t wrap my brain around just how awesome they really are. If you’re not familiar with THINX, Bustle’s very own Rachel Krantz summarized her THINX experience perfectly:

“When I tested out my first pair of THINX period-proof underwear as part of a menstrual hygiene product experiment for Bustle last year, I became an immediate convert. I had no idea that being on the rag could feel so little like ... well, being on the rag. With period panties, I didn't have to worry about leaks or wetness — ever — and I always felt like I had the option to free-bleed if that was what I was in the mood for. It was a liberating game-changer.”

No more pads, panty lingers, tampons, DivaCup – nothing! They also come in five different styles.

THINX, $24-$38,

4. For When You Want To Practice Your Reproductive Rights

With president-elect Donald Trump scheduled to take office in January, it’s time for women to consider birth control options. Trump plans to repeal the Affordable Act, which may put an end to free birth control for women. In fact, just hours after Trump was elected, Google searches for IUDs jumped, as women realized they absolutely must do something to help protect their reproductive right before Trump steps into the Oval Office. Because of this, an amazing gift you can give your vagina this holiday is an IUD — especially since it can last up to 12 years, which will definitely cover the next four.

IUD, $0 - $1000, Various health providers

5. For When You Want To Give Yourself An Orgasm

Although The Womanizer Deluxe was originally marketed as a sex toy, one that uses patented PleasureAir Technology, as opposed to vibration, what a recent study found is The Womanizer Deluxe is essential in treating orgasmic difficulties in women, during menopause and post menopause. With results of the study, showing that 100 percent of the participants had an orgasm while using The Womanizer Deluxe, that’s good news for all of us, even those of us who have yet to reach menopause. The Womanizer Deluxe may be an answer to sexual dysfunction and a must, if you have trouble orgasming.

The Womanizer Deluxe, $199.99, Amazon

6. For When You Want Keep Your Vagina Safe

While the thought of giving your vagina the gift of condoms might seem a little boring, it’s actually far from that. If you want to keep your vagina nice and healthy, and free of STIs, then you want condoms — and lots of them. From flavored condoms to ultra thin ones to extra large ones (for that well-endowed partner) to such exotic ones like the French tickler, there are so many condoms for which to choose, because they are so important to sexual health.

If you’re currently sexually active, either with a partner or whomever is your current flavor of the month, then you should never be without condoms. In fact, Babeland offers a great sampler pack that will introduce you to condoms that you may not have even known existed before.

Condom Sampler Pack, $10, Babeland

7. For When You Want To Get Your Vagina Stoned

As more and more states make weed legal, Foria, the company that invented cannabis personal lube that helps women’s vaginas relax enough to give them orgasms, is going to get even bigger. As someone who has tried Foria and got my vagina stoned (technically), the relaxed aspect that was going on down there far outweighed the stress in my head, and I not only experienced an orgasm easier than I would have, but I experienced heightened sensations, too. Right now you can only get it in Colorado and California, but that will be changing as more states start accepting the amazing benefits of cannabis. Foria also has cannabis suppositories which make menstrual cramps disappear in no time. (Yes, I've tried those, too.)

Fiora Pleasure, $60, Where fine cannabis products are legally sold across the U.S.

8. For When You Want An Updated Version Of Ben Wa Balls

Inspired by Ben Wa balls, balls that were originally invented to strengthen the vaginal muscles, this updated version by LELO doesn’t just give your vagina one hell of a work out, but provides pleasure at the same time. They’re even a great asset for foreplay, as they play a major role in creating longer and stronger orgasms.

Luna Beads, $44.90, LELO

9. For When You Want To Keep Your Vagina Balanced

Although the vagina cleans itself, sometimes vaginas do need to get their pH balance in check, either because of stress, certain foods, or other outside sources that have kind of messed with stuff. In order to protect vaginas from infection because of this pH imbalances, Bio-Match Restore and Balance works with your body to make sure things in your vagina are the way they should be: Healthy AF.

Bio-Match Restore and Balance, $32, GoodCleanLove

10. For When You Finally Want To Find Your G-Spot

As someone who finally experienced my first vaginal orgasm this year, I think one of the best gifts that anyone can give their vagina this year is the necessary equipment to find their G-spot. The toy that's going to help you do just that is Njoy Pure Wand that. Thanks to its shape, it's going to make finding your G-spot a piece of cake. From there, it's just a matter of exploring and experimenting and, eventually, you'll finally be able to shout from the rooftops that you've had a vaginal orgasm, too.

Njoy Pure Wand, $108, Babeland

11. For When You Want To Be Responsible

Even if you’re not sexually active at the moment or don’t have anything that’s concerning you, going to the gynecologist once a year is essential in making sure your body is healthy. So, as you're going through all the things you should totally get for your vagina this year and realize, “OMG! I haven't been to the gyno in awhile,” then you need to get on that.

Gynecologist Appointment, $TBD, Various healthcare providers

Show your vagina just how much you love it with gifts that will truly make you happy — and healthy.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Lovelife Krush; THINX; Amazon; Planned Parenthood; Babeland; Fiora; LELO; Andrew Zaeh for Bustle