Why Winter In The '90s Was The Best Kind Of Winter

by Kat George

There was something magical about winter in the '90s. It signaled the time of year you'd cozy up with your family after popping a bag of popcorn (in the microwave, not on the stovetop — too creepy after Scream) and watch movies like Cool Runnings and Home Alone. Winter in the '90s meant cool grunge beanies nor huge neon puffer jackets and matching ski pants, depending on where your "genre" aligned. There was so much to love about winter in the '90s that was unique to the era, along with the regular stuff we love about winter: snuggles, red wine (although you were probably too young to drink in the '90s so that's a newer one for you), making snow angels with friends, and having an excuse to stay home on the weekend.

While I'm not really a "winter person" myself, winter in the '90s was better than now, if not just because I was a kid then and most things are better when you're a kid, and not a grump adult. It's also because a lot of the things we did when it got cold in the '90s was kind of dumb but always super fun. Sure, there were struggles '90s kids faced in winter, but it was mostly a total romp. If you're starting to get winter fatigue (which, let's face it, we all do by the end of January, bracing ourselves for a seemingly never ending cold), try injecting a little '90s into your snow days. Just because the '90s are over, it doesn't mean the '90s are over. Here are 11 things you looked forward to about winter in the '90s.

1. It Was Hot Chocolate Season

Hot chocolate was really having a moment in the '90s. These days if you're being basic and decadent, it's pumpkin spice latte. If you're trying to be cool it's a matcha latte. Either way, we don't quite guzzle hot chocolate the way we did during winter in the '90s.

2. You Could Wear Your Furry Earmuffs

Like hot chocolate, furry earmuffs were pretty cool in the '90s. Actually all earmuffs were. Busting them out was a real treat, because they were the ultimate winter fashion accessory.

3. Staying In And Marathoning Friends All Weekend

You didn't have Netflix, but you sure did have VHS. In the winter, when it was school holidays or just a regular weekend, you'd rent Friends on VHS or if you were really lucky there would be a 48-hour Friends marathon on TV. You would not sleep, would only watch Friends, and could synchronize to the clap bit in the credits by the time your epic marathon was over.

4. Wearing Knee-High Toe Socks

Toe socks, especially knee high, rainbow striped ones, were the coolest trend for '90s kids. You'd wear them around the house and under your boots all winter. The cutest was your winter slumber parties, where you and all your tiny pals would all be wearing your toe socks and your PJs.

5. Mariah Carey's Christmas Album

Winter in the '90s meant playing Mariah Carey's Christmas album on repeat. It was basically why you lived, let alone loved winter.

6. Getting Into Your Huge, '80s Style Neon Puffer Jacket

Everything in the '90s was purposefully too big for you, including the giant neon puffer jacket you'd wear when it started snowing. If you were super luxe you'd have matching snow pants. It made you feel like winter Barbie or something. We can thank the Kardashians for really keeping this look alive.

7. Playing Sega Or Super Nintendo All Day Because It Was School Holidays

Winter holidays were the greatest because you didn't have to go outside, and you could sit inside all day playing Sega and Super Nintendo without your parents nagging you to leave the house.

8. Swooning Over J.T.T. In I'll Be Home For Christmas

Your crush over J.T.T. intensified in the winter as you'd spend long nights watching I'll Be Home For Christmas and making voodoo dolls of Jessica Biel.

9. Two Words: Freezy Freakies

Winter's answer to Hypercolor t-shirts in the '90s that were gloves that changed color with the weather. You loved getting out your Freezy Freakies at winter and letting the cold do the rest.

10. Getting A Day Off School Because Of The Snow

Now that you work, snow is generally not a reason to not work. Especially because if the snow is a really big problem, you can just work from home. Snow days in the '90s were the best because you didn't have to go to school, and could do a lot of the things on this list instead.

11. Roasting Marshmallows

I hear what you're saying — you could roast a marshmallow now. But when was the last time you actually did it? The '90s, wasn't it?

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