Justin Bieber Is Free From Detainment, Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

Hide your kids, hide your wife! Nope, this isn't the return of the bed intruder, this is the fact that Justin Bieber is free from detainment. Yup, that's right — he was detained at LAX when he returned home from his Asian adventures with his mom, and then he was set free. It's a scary world, folks.

I mean, first Miley Cyrus is released from the hospital, and then Bieber is set free from detainment. And he got off easy, too! U.S. Customs had just questioned him for two hours, and then around 6:20 p.m. PST on Thursday, he was allowed to go free. Maybe they were just fed up with him? Maybe Los Angeles was just like, "when the hell are you leaving us and going to Atlanta once and for all? You said you were moving!!!"

Rest assured, he made his exit in style — because, as he attested, he is fashion .

And, while you run for cover because Bieber is now ready to unleash his atrocities unto America yet again, you should be aware of the fact that he's in a great mood. In fact, when he was released, he took to Twitter to say he was:

Feels good to be free, I guess.

And here's my epic eye roll. Go home, Bieber. Or go into a time traveling machine and bring us back this: