Will Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Last? 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger Evaluates

Who better to confirm the impending nuptials of millionaires than the Millionaire Matchmaker herself? Patti Stanger has revealed why Kim and Kanye work, and further, why they are absolutely the perfect match for one another I mean, sure, they share a similar vanity and it doesn't take a social analyst to figure that one out, but now we've got an expert on million dollar relationships weighing in on the matter.

Stanger said that the two work because they're best friends. (Awww.) Well, of course you want the person you decide to be with for the rest of your life (or, uh, til your divorce, if you're a pessimist) to be your best friend. You don't want to loathe the person you marry. But Stanger explains the nitty gritty for these two:

The glue is you're best friends so the sex is still there and you're still attracted to each other but you can still fart and burp and hang out with your best friend [...] The second thing is that they have fashion in common…the secret sauce is you must have one thing you like to do together or a cause or a mission. And both of them have them that they are on a fashion mission. Clearly, I mean did you see her at the upfronts?

Are we really surprised? The two are high-rolling when it comes to fashion. And hey, you need to have stuff in common with the person you choose to be with forever. Like the arts, sports, an interest in human rights, whatever floats your boat. And having a shared cause — what insight! Fashion — or, should I really say, an ostentatious lifestyle — remains their cause. They live for this stuff, and they've both found individuals with whom they can share the high life — and the cover of Vogue . But rest assured, their wedding will be small and intimate, 'cause these two are small and intimate people (eye roll).

But if Stanger says you're okay to go, then by all means, Kim and Kanye, take her seal of approval, plow forward, and say "I do." What would us plebes know about million dollar matches! The "honour" of our presence wasn't even request at your wedding!