Let's Compare 'DWTS' Maks & Meryl's Chemistry to the 16 Most Romantic On-Screen Dances Ever

We are all still recovering from the steamy tango between Meryl Davis and Maks Chmerkovskiy on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars; The two have been rumored to be an item all season long and from the looks of that performance, their romantic chemistry is palpable. Maks and Meryl should be dating. Even the judges couldn’t deny their perfection: the pair received the full 30 points for their passionate choreography.

On Tuesday night, we will finally know who is taking home the Mirror Ball Trophy this year: it’s down to Meryl and Maks vs. Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas vs James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd. As exciting as the finale will be, fans are more excited about the possible reveal that Meryl and Maks are indeed together. They’ve been coyly hinting at their romance in interviews and on social media, but have been hush-hush on any sort of definitive statement.

Needless to say, fans of Dancing With the Stars are way more focused on the show’s blossoming romance than the actual competition. We can’t quite blame them, Meryl and Maks know how to bring the heat.

But Dancing With the Stars isn’t the only place to find love on the dance floor. Inspired by these two lovebirds, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite romantic dance moments from television and film. Watch, swoon, sway. Enjoy!

Sex and the City : "I Heart NY"

asiangirldd on YouTube

It's Carrie and Big dancing to "Moon River" in Big's empty apartment right before he moves to California. It is so New York and it is so them. That open pizza box is just the cherry on top of the heartache sundae.

Mad Men — Don and Peggy Reunite

This very well may be the best season of Mad Men and last Sunday's episode really sealed the deal. The wrenching moment between Don and Peggy was the most romantic and soulful clip of the entire series. Just when we think we have this show and these characters figured out, the writers and cast continue to tear our hearts open.

Love Actually

LadyAmalthea1976 on YouTube

Say what you will about this film actually being anti-romantic, but this scene is particularly gorgeous. Laura Linney and Rodrigo Santoro tell us everything about their unrequited love without saying a word.

The Addams Family

When you think of great couples in television and film, Morticia and Gomez Addams might not be the first who come to mind. But their tango in the Addams Family movie was as passionate as Meryl and Maks' and showed levels of intimacy and understanding that only years of marriage and family can bring. Oh, and this is in a comedy... about a gothic horror family. Kudos!

Beauty and the Beast, "Tale as Old as Time"

Of all the Disney dance sequences, this is perhaps the most touching. It is by far the most grand and sweeping. Even as an adult, it's hard not to get a little choked up by this moment.


Jack and Rose forever!

Singin' in the Rain


Gene Kelly is so in love that he can only express it in dance. And with the rain pouring down on him, it's pure cinematic poetry.

So You Think You Can Dance, "Bleeding Love"


Oh these dance competition shows and all of the feelings they give us!

Slumdog Millionaire, "Jai Ho"

After such a long and painful journey, the film concludes with a joyous dance that is fronted by our two romantic leads. It'll make your heart swell every time... and get that song stuck in your head.

West Side Story, Tony and Maria Meet


There are "meet cutes" and then there are "West Side Story meet cutes." It's the classic finding each other across a crowded dance floor and meeting in the middle. But there's just something about this moment that feels true to only Tony and Maria. The whole sequence feels like a dream.

Silver Linings Playbook, Dance Finale

It took the entire movie to get here, but all of the yelling and breakdowns were worth it. This scene is as sexy as it is sweet. All of the characters' fears and insecurities were put aside for one moment of commitment and personal triumphs. In one of 2012's most memorable films, this was by far its most memorable moment.

Edward Scissorhands

morgira on YouTube

Fine Tim Burton, just take my heart and shred it into pieces, why don't you!?

GIRLS, "Dancing on my Own"

Keith Landis on YouTube

GIRLS has been through some serious ups and downs, but this moment is so simple and perfect. It's part of what made that first season so special. Writing, heartbreak, men, and rent money aside... Hannah and Marnie were each other's best friends and soulmates. And here we see them and all their love for each other with the most perfect song. There is romance in friendship, y'all.

Blue Valentine

Joao Loureiro on YouTube

Sorry The Notebook and Crazy Stupid Love, but when it comes to heart-breaking Ryan Gosling dance moments, this one takes the cake

Save the Last Dance

Movieclips on YouTube

Be still my '90s teen dream heart. This. Is. Everything.

Dirty Dancing, "Time of My Life"

CPhillips92 on YouTube

Nobody puts Baby in a corner! And nobody makes a list about romantic dance sequences without Dirty Dancing.

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