'Game of Thrones' Dresses From The Real-Life Runway That Your Favorite Characters Would Totally Wear

It's tough to express the magnitude of ennui I feel now that Game of Thrones has officially gone into hibernation for the next 10 months or so. There are no words that quite fit the situation, except possibly the non-word words of Liz Lemon, so: BLERRRGH.

Complaining aside, we were treated to quite the finale — I mean, SPOILER SPOILER (not to mention a whole bunch of other people, plus maybe SPOILER SPOILER) died. But fabulous (and bloody) as it was, no amount of Thrones finale awesomeness can erase the pain of a Thrones hiatus; it's a medical fact.

There is, however, one thing that might do a little to ease the long GoT-drought before us (besides speculating about season 5, of course): Pretty clothes. And even better, GoT-inspired pretty clothes — or rather, to be more accurate, runway outfits curated for their likenesses to characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

Yep, there are tons of Tumblrs out there devoted solely to chronicling GoT's best dressed, through runway shows, past and present. You'll see everything from breezy Reem Acra Resort to moody Renaissance-inspired Valentino Fall Couture. Here are some of my favorites looks (for my favorite characters, of course!)

Sansa Stark

A Game of Clothes/Dolce and Gabbana

A Game of Clothes hits the nail on the head with this somber Dolce & Gabbana number — it's perfect for Sansa and her simple silhouette + intricate brocade leanings. (Fabulous supervillain-style feather dress notwithstanding).

Margaery Tyrell

A Game of Clothes/Georges Hobeika

They also got Margaery's penchant for ultra-low V necks down pat. Seriously, could this Georges Hobeika gown be any more perfect? (Now, read that to yourself in a Chandler Bing voice).

Daenerys Targaryen

Everything GASIAF/Ezra Haute Couture

Everything ASOIAF managed to marry Dany's early season ethereal flowy gowns, with her later season collared halter necks, and the Ezra Haute Couture-made combination is fabulous. Also, you know she would rock the heck out of that arm jewelry.

If you're more a fan of her traveling/city-sacking outfit, this Cushnie et Ochs dress is almost too perfect.


Jean Paul Gaultier

Style of Westeros really knows what they're talking about, because the dearly departed Ygritte would have absolutely killed it in Jean Paul Gaultier.

Olenna Tyrell

GOT Runway

Somehow, G.O.T. RUNWAY (which is somewhat magically curated by accessories designer, Zara Bayne) managed to find an outfit that is somehow simultaneously the height Parisian chic and a dead ringer for Grandmama Tyrell's signature look.

Catelyn Stark

GOT Runway

Last night's finale may not have given us the SPOILER SPOILER we were expecting, but at least this Lady Stark outfit features a badass cape.

Images: A Game of Clothes; Everything ASOIAF, Style of Westeros, G.O.T. RUNWAY/Tumblr