Juan Pablo Wears Eric Hill Shirt in His First Step to Joining 'Bachelor' Family — PHOTO

Former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has committed a lot of Bachelor sins. He didn't propose at the end of the show, he was rude to Chris Harrison, and when his season ended he basically removed himself from anything having to do with ABC. But now that several months have gone by (and he and Nikki have shockingly managed to stay together) Juan Pablo has been warming up to the Bachelor family again, starting with his wearing a "Live Like Eric" T-shirt in reference to Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill who tragically died in a paragliding accident.

True, the picture and his caption "I WISHED I was as adventurous as ERIC... #LiveLikeEric#AlwaysBeRemeber" don't specifically say it's Eric Hill he's talking about. But considering that Hill's Instagram name was changed to LiveLikeEric after his passing it's only logical to make that assumption.

When I saw the picture I was shocked. After all, Juan Pablo is the man who canceled his Good Morning America appearance the morning of and forced Chris Harrison to take his place. He's not especially fond of anything having to do with the show. So why was he supporting this former contestant?

It's very true that Hill was more than just a reality show contestant. He traveled the world and had an unparalleled adventurous spirit. That's definitely something to celebrate. Still, the show is the one very important thing that both Hill and Juan Pablo have in common.

Could Juan Pablo be willingly choosing to join the Bachelor Family after all? It's too soon to tell, but this seems like a good first step.

Image: juanpagalavis/Instagram