Shia Labeouf is the New Justin Bieber

As a general rule, it seems celebs try not to tear down other celebs on the Internet. Of course, there are a few exceptions to that rule. Justin Bieber gets slammed a lot by fellow famous people. Stars like Jon Hamm has gone after the singer, and so has Seth Rogen. And now, joining that list of celebs who aren't safe from other celebs is Shia LaBeouf ,who has celebrities mocking him on Twitter like there's no tomorrow. LaBeouf was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing at a Broadway showing of Cabaret and according to reports, the actor was "talking loudly, hitting other members of the audience on the behind, and wouldn’t sit down during the show." Apparently, some stars think that's really funny.

Interrupting a live theater performance is an incredibly rude thing for anyone to, and it's even more insulting when the perpetrator is an actor himself. If he is, in fact, thinking clearly and has a healthy mind, he should know better. Over the last few months, he's gotten in a lot of trouble from plagiarizing work to head-butting a man during a bar fight, now this. He's been making headlines, and for all the wrong reasons.

If that reminds you of another troubled star, you're probably thinking of Justin Bieber. The singer has also had his share of troubles lately, from being charged with felonies to making racist comments. Something about being a famous jerk has prompted even the most respectable of celebrities to poke fun. Bieber always gets mocked on Twitter, and now it seems LaBeouf is the new Bieber.

Here are a few of the tweets Bieber has received from celebs:

And here are the tweets that came flooding in after LaBeouf's arrest. First, a few from Lena Dunham, who has Twitter-battled Labeouf before:

Parks and Recreation's Billy Eichner had a few things to say, as well. (As always, please imagine these in your best screaming voice.)

Singer Ivan Matias tried to find a reason behind LaBeouf's rude behavior:

Former Bachelorette contestant West Lee pointed out the sad truth:

Thomas Lennon (a Transformers 4 actor) tried to lighten the mood a tad by mocking the whole situation:

Even style-maven/What Not to Wear star Stacy London had an opinion.

Matilda star Mara Wilson took a moment on Twitter to comment on LaBeouf. But instead of mocking him, she was actually worried about him.

In a since-deleted tweet, she called out a possible explanation for his erratic behavior.

If Wilson is right, maybe LaBeouf should get some help before he becomes even more of a Twitter joke than he already is. After all, Amanda Bynes was mocked by the media for weeks before going to rehab and now she's doing markedly better.

If LaBeouf is a jerk it's one thing, but if he needs help it's another. We hope everything works out for the actor in the end.