If The Next Bachelor Isn't Marquel, Then Who?

The time has come, Bachelorette viewers, to get down to business. The number of men is getting smaller and smaller, and Bachelorette Andi Dorfman’s (kind of boring) journey of a lifetime to find the man of her dreams, is coming to an end. Sure, I look forward to seeing which man Andi chooses as her soulmate/ life partner/ fiancé and romantic stuff like that, but there is one real question remaining this season... Who will be the next Bachelor ?

Generally, ABC chooses the next season's star from the final three contestants of the preceding season. An exception to this pattern is last season’s bachelor Juan Pablo, and I think we can all agree that ABC will never make the “let’s pick this hot guy as the next Bachelor before we find out he is kind of scummy” mistake again. Assuming the network has learned that lesson, we can guess that the next bachelor will be one of the remaining men who we have grown to love throughout the season. There was a time when we thought Marquel Martin might have the title, but those dreams were crushed quicker than Andi and Cody’s flopped date in Verona when it was announced that Marquel (and Cody, who'll be fine with this consolation prize) would be on Bachelor in Paradise.

So with Marquel out of the running, which of the men from The Bachelorette should ABC choose as the next Bachelor? We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks, but that’s no reason to not speculate now. It's more fun that way.

Chris Soules

Chris is my personal frontrunner (sorry Nick V.) for the next Bachelor. Chris has said that love is missing in his life, but it is incredibly important for him to find it. What better place to find true love than on The Bachelor? This farmer from Iowa could allow the show to explore more rural options. The potential group date card where the women have to wrangle hogs basically writes itself:

“Let’s get down and dirty. <3, Chris”

JJ O’Brien

Though JJ the Pantsapreneur only made it to the top eight, he made a great impression on me — er, America — during his time on the show. JJ is a complete goofball and would totally bring some much-needed spice to the show. And if ever the season gets boring, we would at least want to tune in to see which incredible pair of pants he's wearing each week.

Dylan Petitt

Fear not, viewers of the Bachelorette , Dylan wants you to know that he might not wash his hands after using the bathroom, but he does carry around hand sanitizer to kill the 99.9 percent germs acquired in said bathroom. Dylan is extremely open and honest, a great quality for a Bachelor, and even though he is an accountant by day, he's a fun-loving stating his favorite board game is Connect Four and his favorite juice is apple (seriously ABC, you asked him these questions?).

Marcus Grodd

It might seem too soon for another former soccer player Bachelor , but Marcus would never hurt us the way Juan Pablo did last season. I knew I liked Marcus the day I watched him repel down a building in a peacoat and conquer his fear with Andi. Marcus has been out of the game for three years after his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, but is finally allowing himself to trust again and fall in love (as quickly as Week 4).

And if that's not enough ammunition, I'll just leave you with this photo:

Images: ABC (2); JJ O'Brien/Vine; Dylan Petitt/Instagram; Marcus Grodd/Twitter (2)