'Big Brother's Zach & Paola Are A Doomed Showmance

They're at it again, folks. Another showmance is blooming between Zach and Paola on Big Brother 16 . According to this season's Big Brother players, it all starts with a look for the showmance to start. Once you give another player "the look," you have basically told them you want to date/marry/have kids with/ and die in their arms a la The Notebook, with them. Don't believe me? Well according to Caleb, his "relationship" with Amber all started with the way she looked at him. And that led to him believing Amber and him are meant to be, and that he wants to introduce her to his parents.

And now, there's another couple in the Big Brother house that has blossomed because of "the look." Unfortunately, this couple is as doomed as Romeo and Juliet, because they are currently sitting right next to each other... on the block. Sorry, Zach Rance and Paola Shea, but in case you hadn't noticed, you're the two houseguests up for eviction Thursday night.

Fortunately for us, and CBS — they really can't afford to have two unhealthy relationships in the house — it seems like Zach and Paola are just having a little fun for now. Whether they don't want to dive in to a showmance because one of their games is about to end, or just because they don't take life inside the Big Brother house as seriously as, I don't know, Devin, the timeline of their could-have-been showmance is one for the story books.

Step 1: "The look" — or in this case "the stare"

Even the other houseguests see the potential for love

But Paola won't settle for anyone who is a "have not," as any Big Brother lady should

That doesn't mean they can't have a dramatic RomCom goodbye

You wouldn't even need to force her

I'm sorry to say that their love will be destroyed by Big Brother by Thursday night, but perhaps there is a future for them outside of the house?

Images: CBS; BigBrothers/Tumblr