'Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner Reveals Her Favorite Show Death & I Respectfully Disagree — VIDEO

Comic-Con is an excellent time for Game of Thrones fans to go ham with their Westeros obsession. There's tons of cool memorabilia, George R. R. Martin is there, and omg, you can sit on the throne, too! It's a great chance to really indulge in your inner tyrant. But perhaps the most important thing is that the cast is there, including Sophie Turner who discussed her favorite Game of Thrones death with The Wrap. So which is it? And will you agree? I sure as hell don't.

Turner — AKA Sansa Stark, or The Girl Who's Gonna Get Littlefingered (sorry not sorry) — told The Wrap that her favorite death was... Drumroll please...

The Red Wedding.

What!? That was the wedding in which pretty much all of the Stark family was decimated! While that was perhaps the most upsetting, nightmare-inducing, emotional-havoc-wreaking death scene on Game of Thrones, it certainly isn't a favorite. In fact, I'd venture to say it is the "least favorite" death scene.

A "favorite" death scene, as I see it, is one where a maligned villain kicks the bucket. A "least favorite" death scene is one when a favorite character bids us all farewell for the final time. Game of Thrones is known for its terrible death scenes — our favorite characters are always taken away from us! (I'm still crying about Oberyn, by the way.)

But what about these "best" death scenes, in which we bid adieu to some miserable villains? Here are some GoT deaths in which some pretty awful folks departed the world of Westeros, leaving us with some very memorable scenes.


What an ass, really. When Jon Snow killed this guy by stabbing him through the back of his head until the sword went through his mouth (you can see it above and experience total nausea for the next couple of hours), I was like, "HOLY SHIT THAT'S DISGUSTING, BUT THREE CHEERS FOR JON SNOW. HE KNOWS SOMETHING." It was also a wonder for all of Craster's women, who were free from the burden of this gruesome misogynist.



Or, That Guy Who Chopped Off Jaime Lannister's Hand. Bran warged his way into Hodor's head so that the giant could grab him and put him to his much deserved end. Eighty billion points for Hodor! Or as he would say, "Hodor." You can watch a clip from this pretty seminal moment for Hodor and Bran above.

The Battle of Blackwater

Sure, this isn't a single "death," but this epic battle in Season 2 saw the end of so many people, most of whom who were far from being the heroes we root for. It also almost saw the end of Tyrion, yet he miraculously survived, making it all the better.

Tywin Lannister

Oh, Tywin. He had the worst Father's Day ever seeing as he died on the toilet after Tyrion shot him with a bow and arrow.


The Purple Wedding. Need I say more? This death scene saw the end of one of the most hated television characters ever, and then set the wheels in motion for a season that would take one of our most beloved characters, Tyrion, and put him at odds with the rest of the kingdom. As happy as fans were to see Joffrey go, it was slightly disappointing, since Jack Gleeson was so tremendously talented, and Joffrey was the epitome of a "love-to-hate" sort of character. You can re-live that gruesome moment here:

And you can watch Sophie Turner's interview with The Wrap below, and then proceed to countdown to Season 5.

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