Arie Should be the Next Bachelor, Hands Down

Now that The Bachelorette is officially over, the next order of business is who the next Bachelor is going to be. Unlike past years, the successor was not announced on the After the Final Rose special, which has opened speculation on who would be the lucky man. Leading up to the finale, most people thought farmer Chris Soules was a shoo-in for the slot, but Emily Maynard's runner-up Arie Luyendyk Jr. is also being considered for The Bachelor, and he would make a much better one.

Sure, the next person is usually plucked from the prior season, which would make Soules the obvious choice. After all, runner-up Nick Viall had too many haters to be considered and ABC squandered Marquel Martin's amazingness on Bachelor in Paradise. Who else would it possibly go to?

Well, perhaps there was a reason Chris Harrison didn't announce the next Bachelor last night even though Chris Soules was right there. Maybe ABC is still making up their mind about whether or not they should pull an Emily Maynard or Brad Womack and bring back a contestant from the past to shake things up.

There's no denying things have been stale for awhile on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. Things have been a bit boring and that's why Arie should be chosen for the next Bachelor instead of Chris. Not on board? Here are 8 reasons to convince you.


There's no denying Chris is sweet, but can you name a single time this season when he's said something funny? I literally can't, but I can remember several from Arie's time on the show, and that was four seasons ago. The Bachelor needs to be more than just nice, he has to be entertaining so we don't end up with another well-meaning snooze fest of a season.


It would be nice to see The Bachelor not focus on just the guy's abs for a change. Arie is in shape but not overly muscular, which is kind of refreshing. After Sean Lowe and Juan Pablo, Chris Soules' body would be more of the same. Is that boring? Abs-olutely. (Nailed it.)


Even all these years later fans are still campaigning for Arie to be the Bachelor. In the reality TV world, faces are quickly forgotten so it means something that Arie is still remembered four seasons later.


Arie was originally offered The Bachelor slot after Emily Maynard left him broken hearted, but he wasn't ready at the time and turned it down. As we know on this show, hardly anyone turns down anything. Roses, fantasy suit cards, it doesn't matter—you say yes to ABC. But Arie stuck to his guns and didn't go on just for the hell of it.

So now that he's truly had a chance to heal, he will be ready for love. ABC should go with someone who is actually prepared for the challenge and who has taken it under consideration instead of just blindly saying yes. When asked about his chances not long ago, Arie said, "There is a lot of responsibility in being The Bachelor ... I’m open to love. I’m still single but ready to meet someone. I can’t wait to start a family with someone I’m madly in love with.”


The trickiest part of picking the next Bachelor is making sure he's as far away from Juan Pablo as you can get. So who better to choose than someone who has publicly stated his negative opinions on JP? Arie is no stranger to making snarky comments about the former Bachelor and that bodes well for his personality being very different from the slut shaming, gay bashing Bachelor we know and don't love.


As a race car driver, Arie is no stranger to exhilarating activities and he's not afraid to put himself out there. At a recent race his car crashed and rolled five times. Though Arie broke his collar bone he was back at the track the next day, raring to go. That bodes well for ABC's penchant for death-defying one-on-one date stunts.


The social media aspect of this show is really important. Arie has been drawing in fans for years since his departure from his season due to his sassy, humorous commentary. He made JP's season bearable by mocking Juan Pablo, and last week hilariously compared Cody Sattler to Rex from Toy Story.

When it comes time to live tweet the show, his responses would be much more entertaining than Chris' would be. So far Chris spends much of his Twitter time retweeting fan selfies and not enough time making fun of the show in a good natured way.


When it comes down to it, ABC really needs someone with some spunk. We thought Andi was going to bring us that this season but it turned out she took the process a little too seriously. And as great as Sean Lowe and Desiree Hartsock were, the bottom line is that their seasons were a little on the boring side. That's because ABC picked the nicest ones in the bunch. Nice people are nice, but they don't always make for great TV. As one commentator put it, "I vote for Arie. He's a natural in front of the camera and really steals the show, in a good way. He's got it all: looks, charisma, personality, and an exciting career. He would likely be the.most.adventurous.bachelor.ever."

Right now, that's exactly what ABC and The Bachelor needs.

Images: thebachelorette-gifs (3), bachelorabc/Tumblr; TheRealArie/Facebook