9 Better Bearded Looks Than Bieber's Stache

Hey Justin Bieber, I mustache you a question: What are you thinking?! Bieber needs to step up his facial hair game. Stat! After all, he's the same guy who once created a signature hairstyle. He owned that bowl cut with bangs, and now it's only a matter of time before he perfects his 'stache. Unfortunately, his attempts lately have been disappointing... Or dare I say, creepy? Huffington Post pointed out Justin Bieber's ridiculous facial hair, and I agree, it needs to go. Just like how he tends to behave, his mustache is a little immature. It looks like he's a seventh-grader whose first hairs are growing in, so he let the strays stay even though they're barely noticeable.

Who can blame Biebs, though? His reputation has been a bit iffy recently (OK, for a while) and he's trying to clean up his act. This plan of action included bringing a fan as his date to an award show, which admittedly was pretty adorable. But if he wants to be more mature, wearing that mustache to the award show is not the way to go.

To help him out, because ya know, I feel bad for the guy, I rounded up a much better list of beard-spiration. It's kind of like that Wooly Willy game, where you use your finger to draw on the magnetic beard. Except with Bieber's face instead.

Here's what we're starting with:

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now let the magic begin...

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is pretty much the perfect man in all aspects, including his beard. He's not overwhelmingly scruffy, but just right.

Adam Levine

Look for the beard with the broken smile / Ask it if it wants to stay awhile... With the Maroon 5 singer's style, Biebs will be loved.

Seth Rogen

Rogen's style will transform Justin's mustache from Superbad to super good!

George Clooney

OK, so maybe Clooney's greying hair is a bit old for Bieber. But hey, it's an improvement from his current creepy 'stache.

Brody Jenner

He'd look like such a bro with Brody's beard. It's a perfect dusting of scruff.

Justin Timberlake

Yes! Timberlake is the superior of the bearded Justins. Bieber's style should be in-sync with the former 'NSYNCer.

Aaron Paul

Biebs will be breaking his bad beard habit if he copies Paul.

Hugh Jackman

Now that is how you rock a beard. He should learn from the Wolverine himself.

Flower Beard

A Bustle favorite: The flower beard. Seriously, anyone can pull it off — even the Biebs. If he wants his facial hair to really blossom, there's a handy tutorial here!

Images: Getty Images (9), Rosanne Salvatore