Do 'Big Brother' Houseguests Know Frankie's Last Name Is Grande? They Might Figure Out His Secret Soon

Spending the summer in a house full of strangers with no access to the outside world really gives the houseguests of Big Brother a chance to get to know each other — after all, there's nothing else but the game to talk about. Some houseguests have decided to hide parts of their personal lives from the others to help their game. For example, Derrick, is a cop but has told the houseguests that he's a parks and recreation coordinator, because he thinks exposing his real job would ultimately hurt his game. Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande's brother, decided to withhold the fact that he has a superstar sister for the sake of having a target on his back. But for someone who doesn't want people to put two and two together, Frankie sure talks about Ariana a lot (he calls her Ari to the other houseguests). So my question is: how do they not realize that Frankie Grande who has a sister named Ari, isn't Ariana Grande's brother?

As each week goes by in the Big Brother house, and no one realizes that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother, I find myself yelling at the television screen at how blind they are. During the eulogy that Frankie gave for his grandfather, he explained that the pronunciation of their last name was actually gran-dee, but he started pronouncing it as we know it today, Grande. Because the houseguests weren't there for the eulogy, they didn't hear this, but then when Frankie was looking at pictures of his grandfather after winning HOH, he let it slip that it was Grandpa Grande (gran-day).

Whether any of the houseguests actually caught the slip up is not known, since Zach said Frankie's name this past week as Frankie Grande (pronounced Gran-dee). The only person who could possibly put the pieces together is Victoria, a real Ariana Grande fan, but since she hasn't said anything yet, it seems that she is oblivious to Frankie's true identity.

In regards to the other houseguests, it seems like some of them know each other's last names, as well. Derrick called Zach Rance by his full name the other night and Donny came up with the funny one-liner that Zach Rance's name is perfect for him because he goes on a lot of rants. Classic, Donny. Love that guy.

Of course Frankie had to give a shout-out to the evicted houseguests this week on the HoH Twitter, when given the opportunity. It wouldn't be fun if he didn't joke about how they never knew his biggest secret.

Images: CBS