Orlando Bloom Dances to “Happy” Presumably to Celebrate Reign as Celeb of the Summer — VIDEO

If your response to hearing about Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom getting in a fight last Wednesday was something along the lines of "Woo! Finally someone's putting him in his place — Wait... Orlando Bloom? Whaaaat?!" then you were not alone. Bloom is not usually someone who makes much news for his personal life. Sure, his divorce from Miranda Kerr made headlines, but for the most part, he's ingrained in everyone's minds as that guy you thought was super cute when the first Pirates of the Caribbean came out. But oh how wrong we were! Orlando Bloom was spotted dancing to "Happy" by Pharrell in Ibiza two days after the altercation with Bieber, and it really just proves that Bloom, surprisingly, has something to offer when it comes to ridiculous celeb antics.

There are some things that are standard when it comes to celeb news: Kim Kardashian always has a new Instagram selfie. Justin Bieber always has new legal troubles. Rihanna always has new see-through outfits. Orlando Bloom has never been this type of celebrity, but he's really working his way into these honorable ranks. And fast. In the past week alone, Bloom has attempted to punch Bieber, hung out with the ex-wife of the man who is wooing his own ex-wife, been rumored to be dating Nina Dobrev, at least tangentially participated in Leonardo DiCaprio's summer of awesomeness, and now, can be seen dancing like there's no tomorrow to "Happy." I'm calling it right now, this guy is the Celeb of the Summer. (It's like Song of the Summer, but with a person and, yes, I just created this.)

Of course, this isn't just based on his exposure, it's also based on the unexpectedness of Bloom's participation in the celeb news realm. Here, I made a handy graph to help explain things:

As you can see, Bloom is killin' it. This is exactly how you become the Celeb of the Summer. Just like most Songs of the Summer, you have to be unexpected. When "Call Me Maybe" was so big a couple years ago, did anyone know who Carly Rae Jepsen was? Nope! And last year with "Blurred Lines," Robin Thicke was not yet the attention grabber he is now. If this year's SoS really is Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," she most definitely was not a household name before this year. Orlando Bloom is following (not on purpose, I don't think) the same pattern. Yeah, we knew who he was, but he really came out of nowhere when it comes to getting a massive amount of exposure for his personal life in a short amount of time. I should add, if there were a z-axis on this chart it would be, "In Ibiza — Not In Ibiza." Ibiza is the place to be this summer.

Now, watch this video of Orlando Bloom dancing while posing for a ton of pictures with random women to really get the full effect of his takeover:


Image: Lia Beck