Kim K. Does Bedroom Chic (And It Might Just Work)

It doesn’t happen all that often, but I count every day that goes by without at least one of the Kardashian Klan members (Bruce Jenner included!) utterly annoying or frustrating me to no end as an absolute miracle and a true blessing. Why the reality TV family bugs me so much, I couldn’t quite tell you (though it probably has something to do with Kim constantly harping on her “skinny days” and wanting to lose 20 pounds — even though she has an insanely gorgeous body — or one of the younger Jenners cozying up to scum of the earth Justin Bieber).

But on the rare occasion when one of the world-famous members of the Kardashian krew does something to impress rather than irritate me — when Kendall Jenner somehow manages to look like a real, legit model in the latest issue of Love Magazine, for example, or when Kim posts a truly adorable photo of husband Kanye West and little baby North — I always find myself pleasantly surprised.

So imagine my shock, relief, and happiness when I saw Mrs. Kim Kardashian West heading into a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday wearing an ensemble that, though admittedly kind of ridiculous, looked surprisingly chic and insanely sexy.

Sporting a Ulyana Sergeenko Couture outfit from head to toe, the reality TV queen glided across the streets of Los Angeles in a pair of blush pink, high-waist, and loose-fitting trousers; a skin-tight and majorly cleavage-enhancing satin bustier; and, to top it all off, a rich teal, waist-cinching silk overcoat (though I would prefer to call it a robe).

While the look definitely reads bedroom-chic (and a little too wrinkled for my taste), it's also an ensemble that somehow balances overt femininity and sexuality with a definite sense of romance — a feat I wasn't quite sure was possible for the woman who prefers fierce Balmain dresses and mesh leotards more than nearly anything else.

Even the star's hair and makeup manage to complement her look, with her slicked-back strands showing off sculpted cheekbones, bold eyebrows, and glossy lips.

So go ahead and color me surprised at Kardashian's ability to pull off bedroom attire in broad daylight, but — for once, perhaps — don't color me disappointed.

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (3)