Missed Thursday's Pre-Empted 'Big Brother' Live Episode? Here's a Play by Play — SPOILERS

CBS is making it a little complicated to watch Big Brother this week, with preseason football causing there to be a variety in airings for Thursday's live double eviction. The two nominees going into Thursday's episode were Jocasta and Zach, and after a week of whispering about evicting Zach, a sudden flop of the house last night made it seem that Jocasta might actually be the one going home.

So what happened on tonight's action packed episode that was promised to change the game as we know it? A whole hell of a lot, that's what. Okay, that's not super helpful if you really just want to know the details of the double eviction night, so I will get right to it. Here is a play by play of Thursday's double eviction episode in case you missed it thanks to football.

Julie tells us the two evictees will be the first jury members

Not only will be Thursday's episode send two people out the door, but it will send them directly into the Jury House. However, Julie Chen hinted pretty heavily that at least one jury member would be returning to the house at some point before the season ends.

Derrick goes to work on evicting Zach

Derrick talks to Frankie about Zach's final three deal with Los Tres Amigos (Derrick, Zach, and Cody). Frankie worries that Zach is manipulating The Detonators, and that he is a lost cause in trying to save. Frankie basically accepts that Zach will be leaving the house. Derrick then explains to Caleb that Zach needs to go, but Caleb isn't convinced since Zach is a number for their alliance, and Zach isn't going after him, so why would Caleb vote him out.

Derrick goes to work on saving Zach

Who would have thought Caleb would be the voice of reason, but indeed he was. Derrick realizes after speaking with Caleb that voting Zach out is going to hurt his game in the long run, so he tells Cody they need to evict Jocasta because Nicole is planting doubt within their alliance. #SaveZach spreads throughout The Detonators.

Two HoHs will no longer be in power... for now

Julie tells the houseguests that the two HoHs will no longer be in play, but only for the double eviction, then it will be back to what we've grown used to this season: two HOHs and a Battle of the Block competition to determine who stays in power.

Zach is saved & Jocasta is evicted

After a poetic speech to save himself, Jocasta is evicted by a vote of 6-2 (Hayden and Donny being the only two to evict Zach). Their goodbyes are quiet, and the houseguests get ready for the HoH competition in the backyard. Julie tells Jocasta that there is a chance she could return to the house, but for now, off to the Jury House she goes.

Caleb is crowned the single HoH for the remainder of the hour

The competition was a math based competition, and after just one round, only three houseguests remained, Christine, Caleb, and Zach. After battling it out Caleb won the title and the houseguests returned immediately to the living room for nominations.

Caleb nominates Hayden and Donny for eviction

After only having minutes (MINUTES) to choose his nominations, Beast Mode Cowboy explained to the houseguests that there is a line drawn and it is time for Hayden and Donny to take the "hot seats."

Donny wins the Veto and uses it on himself (duh)

The houseguests competing (Donny, Victoria, Zach, Hayden, Caleb, and Christine) had to dig in a bin of plastic balls from what looks like Chuck E. Cheese's, to find three rubber duckies. After he found the three rubber ducks in his bin, brought them back to the stand (individually), retrieved the veto, and rang in, Donny was crowned the Veto winner.

Caleb replaces Donny with Nicole

In a slightly awkward replacement nomination speech, Caleb nominates Nicole and tells her to take a seat next to her boyfriend, Hayden (OMG have they had that talk yet?).

The live voting takes place & Hayden is evicted

They both know they will no longer be together in the house, so Hayden and Nicole try to cause as much damage as they can before they are separated, a really smart move on both of their parts. But what names did they mention? Eyes were on Frankie and Christine when Nicole says that they were the two that were gunning for Zach's eviction. With a vote of 5-2, Hayden is evicted from the house. Nicole is pissed at Christine and calls her out, asking if this was her plan the entire time. When we are left "eavesdropping" on the houseguests, we see Frankie and Christine going to work on saving any relationship with Zach that they might still have.

And yes, all that happened in one hour. Oh double eviction nights, will we ever be able to keep up?

Images: CBS