Sookie & Eric Could Actually Be Endgame on 'True Blood' Because Fans Deserve This

After seven seasons and more cold showers than I can count, True Blood is finally going to give its fans the answer to one of the biggest questions this show has ever posed: who will Sookie end up with, Bill or Eric? Like it or not, by the end of Sunday night’s episode, this question will have to be answered because this isn’t just the season finale — it’s the series finale. So unless a True Blood musical does indeed end up happening, this will be the last viewers will see of these beloved Bon Temps characters. And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m expecting some closure, which includes getting to the bottom of Sookie’s complicated (yet oh-so-very-lucky) love life.

I admit that Season 7 has proven to be much more Sookie and Bill centric than I had hoped, especially after the two of them rekindled their romance shortly after Bill contracted the Hep-V virus. (Nothing brings two people closer together than the threat of impending death.) But be that as it may, I still have a great deal of hope that Sookie and Eric are endgame. Am I am optimistic and just downright foolish? Possibly a little bit of both. But that doesn’t mean I’m not also right. It’s clear that Eric is still in love with Sookie, however, this little blonde faerie’s been playing it coy with her true feelings for far too long now. Bill may have the advantage of being her first true love, but as a very wise vampire once pointed out:

I believe this nicely summarizes Sookie and Eric’s relationship as well. Bill will always hold a special place in Sookie’s heart. He taught her what loving someone could truly mean. But Eric is the one she’s destined to end up with — the one who’s stood on the sidelines for years, waiting for the girl in the white dress to be ready for him. How do I know? I think True Blood has been subtly hinting at it all season. For starters…

That Reunion

The look of fear that washed over Sookie’s face when she realized Eric was dying says way more than a thousand words ever could. Of course, she had a lot going on at the time what with the whole hostage situation over at Fangtasia, but their tender scene in Bill’s study offered up a huge reminder as to how well these two fit together. I mean, Eric Northman doesn’t offer up tender hair twirling to just anyone. They held each other close while exchanging everything that had gone on since they last saw each other. It wasn’t about sex or lust or any of the things Bill believes makes Sookie attracted to “their kind.” It was simply two people, who care deeply for one another, finding a way to lean on each other when they needed it most. Sounds like love to me.

Sookie’s Talk With Arlene

If you recall, Sookie recently had a nice little girl chat with Arlene after Bill made the still-questionable decision to let himself die. Sookie admitted to her friend that she’d held herself back from Alcide (RIP) because of the strong feelings she still had for Bill. She also made a point of saying that she never wants to do that to someone ever again, to which Arlene assured her that she probably wouldn’t. Anyone else feel like this conversation was a little foreshadowing? It almost felt like a slight wink to the audience, promising that Sookie will find a way to move past Bill and give herself completely to another. Oh, and who ended up taking her home after this little conversation?

Speaking of which…

Let’s Talk About That Airlift Home

Eric offered Sookie a lift home on Northman Airlines. Yes, thanks to this Viking’s awesome flying capabilities, the two of them were able to enjoy the lights of Bon Temps from high above. Seriously, it was like a combination of Superman and Aladdin’s magic carpet ride all rolled into one. Eric certainly knows how to sweep a girl off her feet — both literally and figuratively. And when he dropped her off, she even invited him into her house, proving just how much she trusts him now.

Basically, what I'm saying is that this all has to amount to something, right? I mean, at this point, Sookie and Bill ending up together just feels way too obvious, doesn't it? And this show is at its best when it dabbles in the unexpected. So come on, Sookie (and True Blood writers) — make the right decision. After all, even the bad boys need some lovin' too.

Plus, who could say no to that? #TeamEric4eva

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