Robert Graham Gave Sarah Herron His Rose on 'Bachelor in Paradise,' But Are They Still Together?

When it comes to the guys on Bachelor in Paradise , Robert Graham hasn't been so lucky in love so far — again. He's gone on a ton of dates, but has only given or received hopeful (or worse, pity) roses, without developing a relationship that's lasted even longer than half an episode. When Robert was dropped by Lacy in favor of Marcus, right away he was reduced to a pawn, as he attempted to give and receive roses from the odd girl out. But all of a sudden, things have started to turn around for Robert as the other couples start to solidify and his fellow hangers-on began casting about for a commitment.

But then there was a jilted Michelle Money, who was furious when her sorta-kinda-flirting partner Marquel went out on a date with the new girl in the house Danielle. She decided to aggressively go after Robert, claiming she was really into him all along and thought he was "the one." Well, it sure didn't seem like it, since she went for Marquel even when Robert was standing right there — too boot, Robert was the only guy who didn't have a girl who was likely to pick him. There was never much chemistry between Marquel and Michelle anyway. They never even kissed! In BiP terms, a kiss in the ocean is the regular person equivalent of like a handshake.

Michelle got super nervous and immediately regretted betting on Marquel, who all of a sudden became a hot ticket, went on dates with both Danielle and Jackie and was eventually eliminated. But Michelle's Robert-angled hopes were dashed when Robert picked Sarah Hudson over her, even if he did get a little awkward about her arm. But both have the exact same sunburned noses, come on! They're perfect for one another. They both seem a little quiet and innocent, and we'll see just how long their relationship lasts. As for Michelle, she easily moved on with Cody once she realized that Robert just isn't interested in her anymore.

But unlike the increasingly obvious Marcus and Lacy, there aren't many clues suggesting that Robert and Sarah are still together now that the show is finished taping. Robert's currently traveling in Croatia, while Sarah is home in LA. But neither are acting obviously single, either. We haven't seen Robert or Sarah posing with anyone on Instagram who isn't a relative or a friend. And Robert was based in LA for a while, focusing on work, where he won a tech startup contest, the Startup Showdown. Robert may rest easy now thinking he'll be trading roses with Sarah, but it doesn't feel like their love affair has turned into anything too serious, suggesting that he might be leaving Paradise as a still eligible bachelor.

Image: Agustin Murillo/ABC