'New Girl's Nick & Jess Won't End Up Together Because They're the New Phoebe & Joey

If you were lucky enough to be a child of the ‘90s then you know certain things to be true. Like the fact that there is no better teacher out there than Mr. Feeny and no hotter uncle out there than Uncle Jesse. It also made you realize that there is no better group of Friends out there than Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey. In fact, some of you may have become so attuned to this amazing show that it’s impossible for you to even look at another sitcom without comparing those characters to your beloved Central Perk comrades. I too have found myself guilty of this habit more than once — first with How I Met Your Mother and even more recently with FOX’s hit show New Girl, specifically their core couple, Nick and Jess.

Sure, the group as a whole doesn’t have the same dynamic — for one, their guy/girl ratio is slightly off — but Nick and Jess’ relationship has made many fans harken back to those joyous Friends days, wondering which romance these two will take after. Some are referring to them as the new Ross and Rachel (after all, they've already started the whole break up trend), while others believe they’re much more like Monica and Chandler. These are both valid arguments that could be made for either side. But given everything I’ve seen happen between Nick and Jess this past season, I’m convinced now more than ever that they’re actually much more like Phoebe and Joey.

I know, I know, I can already hear your screams of complaints from here, but let me just ask you one thing — what’s so wrong with being like Phoebe and Joey? These two were downright hilarious together in pretty much any scene they were in. Even now, years later, I find myself frequently quoting Phoebe’s failed attempts to teach Joey French for one of his auditions. (Oh, de foof!) That was all part of their hysterical schtick. Joey was lovably dim-witted, while Phoebe was eccentric and kooky. Tell me how that isn't exactly like Nick and Jess?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

See what I mean?

Now, many of you will argue that there’s one big flaw behind my whole Phoebe-Joey comparison since it would mean that I think Nick and Jess won’t end up together, and that’s true. I don't think that they will be together in that way, nor should they. After seeing the struggles that their relationship suffered through recently, I’m having serious doubts believing that these two are meant to be each other’s endgame. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still share a special bond. Phoebe and Joey have taught us many wonderful lessons throughout the years (like how useful having a fake identity can be).

But most importantly, they've shown us it's possible to deeply love someone without being in love with them. Did Phoebe and Joey have great chemistry together? Absolutely. Were they even, at times, attracted to one another? It certainly seemed like it. I mean, Joey even went on to date Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula. And that kiss he gave to Phoebe on her 31st birthday definitely didn’t look like anything I’ve ever received from someone who’s “just a friend.”

Yet the writers didn’t have the two of them end up together. Why? Because not everyone needs to be each other’s soulmate in order to share a unique connection. The same could be said for Nick and Jess.

Ever since New Girl’s first season, it was clear these two made up an unstoppable comedic team. They both exude a lovably quirkiness that makes viewers immediately fall in love with them, which is the very thing that makes us want to root for them as a couple. But, just like supporters of a Joey-Phoebe romance, I fear this is a “moo” point. They’re just too different to sustain a long-term romance. And that can totally be a good thing. Because, in the end, it still doesn’t take away from their incredible dynamic.

Not to mention the fact that Jess will be getting a potential new love interest next season, making it seem all the more likely that the writers are bringing the Nick and Jess romance chapter to a close… possibly for good.

I know some of you will immediately hate the idea of a new guy coming into the picture. But just remember not to completely rule out new love interests right away. In the end, they can wind up really growing on you.

Especially when they come in the form of Paul Rudd.

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