11 Reasons Miley Cyrus & Harry Styles Would Be the Ultimate Pop Power Couple

Life for Harry Styles, One Direction singer extraordinaire, must be so easy. He wakes up every morning with perfect bedhead, somehow balances looking like someone who you want to take home to your parents or just take home period (wink wink), and apparently has his pick of celebrity girlfriends served up to him on a silver platter courtesy of thousands of rabid 1D fans. That's right, everyone, Styles now has own personal dating service with eligible bachelorettes hand-picked by the teenagers who spend their days building shrines to him in the corner of their closets, Helga Pataki-style. Surprisingly enough, however, his sometimes-crazy fans have voted on someone who might actually be perfect for him. According to a poll, Directioners think Harry Styles should date Miley Cyrus, "Wrecking Ball" singer and the Notorious Q.O.T. (Queen Of Twerk).

Cyrus is unquestionably one of the biggest and most controversial pop stars in the world right now, and Styles is the most controversial member of the hottest boy band in recent existence. Match made in tabloid heaven? I think so. A duet between the two would have Smilers and Directioners going into full on freakout mode, let alone a full blown relationship. Their union would be the stuff of pop culture legend, and they definitely have it in them to become the next Britney and Justin (just with more tattoos and less ramen noodle hair, obvz).

Here's a few reasons they'd be perfect together:

11. They have angelic voices, and could therefore serenade each other (AND THE WORLD) with beautiful melodies until the end of time

10. They've already made public declarations of their feelings for each other via cardboard cutouts and Halloween costumes, so why not just make it official?

9. They're one of few couples who could actually pull off matching tattoos

Both Cyrus and Styles are pretty inked up as it is, so maybe sticking each others' skin with pointy needles would be a nice bonding experience for them.

8. They're both close to their families

Styles would fit right in with Billy Ray, Tish, and the gang, and Miley could totally make herself at home across the pond.

7. They aren't strangers to having their love lives in the spotlight

Cyrus went through a public break-up with Liam Hemsworth, and as everyone knows, Styles was forever immortalized in song after he broke things off with Taylor Swift.

6. A potential Miley Cyrus-One Direction worldwide tour would be "On The Run" level amazing

With way more marijuanna-print onesies and perfectly worn in t-shirts.

5. They're both dog people

Now if only Miley can convince Harry to get a piglet...

4. Harry can appreciate Miley's twerking $killz

You better werrrrrrkkkkk.

3. And Miley can appreciate Harry's man bun


2. The fans wholeheartedly approve

Everyone knows that would be the hardest part.

1. And finally, just look at how cute they are

Warning: these two might create the most badass babies to ever walk the earth.

Images: Miley Cyrus (3), Harry Styles/Instagram (2); PerezHilton.com; rebloggy.com (2);