Idris Elba's Girlfriend Is a Bit of a Mystery

As crazy as it sounds, I imagine life as Idris Elba's girlfriend Naiyana Garth can be somewhat difficult at times. On one hand, she's found love and that's great for anyone. But on the other she's probably envied by women all around the world who automatically give her a Regina George smirk upon meeting her. Elba is an internationally renowned actor who's constantly jet-setting all over the world, DJing, doing radio shows, reuniting with his old friends from The Wire, promoting his films, and pretending to be everything from a drug dealer to a crime detective to Nelson Mandela.

It may be tempting to be petty and jealous towards a woman dating a man who set the Internet ablaze after a single mysterious bulge photo surfaced, but let's face it, any true fan of Elba wants to see him happy. And as much as it pains me to admit this, they've been dating for over a year now, so all the women nursing shattered hearts might as well get on the Garth-Elba love train.

C'mon, Garth totally deserves a high-five and not just because she landed a guy who's graced the pages of GQ. It's not like she spends all her time on the sidelines looking pretty enjoying life as Elba's partner, there is plenty more to know about Garth.

She's a London-based makeup artist

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Reportedly, she's put her skills to work in the fashion, film and bridal industries.

She's a mother

In April, Garth and Elba welcomed their son Winston, the couple's first child together, who apparently grasped the concept of flipping the bird before he could speak his first words.

She's somewhat of a mystery

It appears that Garth prefers to keep her life out of the public eye. As it stands, she doesn't have a social media presence. Seriously no Twitter, Instagram — nothing. Who can blame her though? She'd just get messages from jealous Elba fans, so she probably better off hanging out with her baby boy and enjoying life outside of the Internet.

Images: 7dub/Instagram; Getty Images