Is Frankie Grande The Worst 'Big Brother' Houseguest Ever? Let's "Ask" Past Contestants

Recently, the world turned against Big Brother 's Frankie Grande. Okay, maybe not the world but a lot of Big Brother fans did due to his behavior and comments on the show. He's recently been embracing his villainous behavior by letting America know that he doesn't give a flying Frankie if you hate him. And you know what America's reaction was to that, "good because we do!" (At least I assume that's what we all yelled at our televisions.) Then, Frankie made a comment about rape. Actually, he made, what he though was a "joke" about rape, and I know what you're thinking: "There isn't anything funny about rape! How could it be a joke?" Exactly.

Beyond the rape comment, Frankie also bribed America by offering to follow people on Twitter who vote for Team America to win money, along with suggesting his followers would cyberbully Nicole for speaking ill towards him. Frankie finally has the online social media presence that he is always talking about, but it's not supporting him. In fact, #BackdoorFrankie was a trending topic on Twitter. Los Angeles fans even went as far to yell over the Big Brother backyard fence to warn the houseguests about Frankie. But how does Frankie measure up to past Big Brother contestants in terms of awfulness? We decided to put Frankie and other Big Brother villains head-to-head to see where they stood in Big Brother's most hated.

Frankie vs. "Evel" Dick Donato

Look, you might have liked Evel Dick, but he is on here for a reason... he rubbed some people the wrong way. Some people call it genius game play — he did win after all — and some call it bullying. Evel Dick was never shy to yell at people, or belittle them, or even poor tea on them (above).

Frankie vs. Willie Hantz

Here's the difference between using words versus violence. Obviously, Big Brother doesn't condone violence in the Big Brother house, so when Willie head-butted Joe, he was immediately expelled from the show. Violence is never the answer, but then again, Frankie said that Caleb and Cody should take "both of Victoria's virginities," so that's pretty graphic and violent, too.

Frankie vs. Rachel Reilly

Rachel might have been obnoxious, but she was definitely not as controversial as Frankie is currently. She was too aloof to be mean as she was just a little wrapped up in Brendan (and herself).

Frankie vs. Aaryn Gries

Aaryn was the resident racist of Big Brother 15, which Julie Chen called her out on during her exit video (above). Aaryn was truly an ugly person for all of the comments she made against her fellow houseguests. She was actually let go from her job due to her comments inside the house, which was a high-five between fans of the show heard around the world.

Frankie vs. Spencer Clawson

This is why we need to learn that some "jokes" aren't funny, really offensive, and damaging to a person's character, Frankie. On Big Brother 15, Spencer made jokes about child pornography, and while he was doing it to screw with another houseguest, it was anything but funny. Frankie, I thought you watched last season; shouldn't you know "joking" about really awful things like rape (or child pornography) isn't going to go over well?

Frankie vs. Jeremy McGuire

Not only is Jeremy — also from Big Brother 15's awful cast — a cheater, but he is also a bigot and a sexist. Jeremy made multiple comments during his season about different religions that were offensive, as well as referring to the women on the show as "hags" and "d*kes".

Where does Frankie stand after looking at past Big Brother contestants? Personally, I think they all have reason to be hated by America, and hopefully Frankie — once he is done with the show — will realize his errors and take the necessary steps to remedy the situations.

Image: CBS