Yes, You Need A Totally Immature Reason To Laugh

If there's one thing we've learned so far in 2014, it's the the world is a ceaselessly challenging, and often unkind place to live: The Ebola outbreak in west Africa has been horrifically Ebola-like, Israel and Hamas have continued to be unable to sort their shit out, resulting in tragic loss of life and general, unending terror in Gaza, ISIS has proven to be more or less the worst thing ever, Malaysia Airlines suffered two completely weird, terrible plane tragedies, and we lost Philip Seymour Hoffman, Maya Angelou, Casey Kasem, Elaine Stritch, James Garner, Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall, and Joan Rivers.

Jesus Christ. Okay.

*takes deep breath, pukes, takes shot of whiskey, sits down to keep writing*

Other than the unavoidable truths that come after a period of turmoil and heartache – like maybe we should try a bit harder to treat each other with humanity and consideration, or to treat our relatively fleeting time with each other as the valuable, special gift it is, or to be a bird if someone else is a bird – I hope if we're able to take one thing away from this year (this year which isn't even over yet and ostensibly might have more bullshit in store for us), it's that we should never turn away from opportunities to be happy. Even if that happiness comes from the least mature places imaginable. Even if that happiness come from someone sticking a dildo in the ear of a news reporter. YOLO, is basically what I mean. And to not be so concerned with proving your coolness or maturity that you refuse to allow yourself an opportunity to revel in the laughter, from wherever it comes, in the midst of world that is extra sucky so much of the time. And to not be so conceded with proving your coolness that you neglect to say "YOLO" when it's truly appropriate. I have nothing to prove, and neither should you.

With that, I give you this completely stupid thing, which will make you happy for ten much-needed minutes. And then go call your mother who misses you and who won't be here forever.

Image: YouTube