Is Ariana Grande Finally Free Of The Ponytail?

OMG, guys! Guys! Is Ariana Grande finally free of her half-up, half-down pony? Grande's hair is the subject of much speculation and discussion since she has a lot of it and because she rarely wears her strands in any fashion other than a high, half-up '90s-inspired ponytail. But big news: She may be experimenting with new hairstyles. Did she "break free," from the tyranny of the extensions she is/was forced to wear after years of coloring her locks a Kool-Aid shade of red to play Nickelodeon character Cat Valentine, which she said lead to breakage and an overall less-than-appealing look? Perhaps, as she just shared an IG selfie that shows a bit of "new" look.

Grande is still wearing some of her ridiculously voluminous hair pulled back at the crown, but more of her straight, honey locks are falling forward and framing her face. Is this the new Ari, boasting a stick-straight, face-framing curtain of hair, the kind that people such as Blake Lively rely on as an emotional (and follicular) security blanket?

It's not a drastic change, but since Grande is so associated with the pony, even though she has worn other styles, it set off alarm bells. And drifting slightly off topic, Grande is now associated with the cat ears she wears, making us pontificate on how feline-like Grande truly is.

While Grande has maintained flawless hair, so flawless in all situations to the point of being ridic, she has confessed that her hair has secrets and that she's not really into talking about it, which has served to make Arianators even more curious about what's going on atop her scalp.

Here's the long and sleek, barely up Grande do.

No, it's not drastic like Miley Cyrus going all pixie on us, but it's still shocking. Where's the pony? Grande did rock a similar style to the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards, when the first rumblings of drama with her Sam & Cat costar Jennette McCurdy surfaced. The look above is much sleeker than the one down below, however, which makes me think Grande's hair is finally fully recovered from all the damage the red dye caused in her teenage years.

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

All right, so who thinks a further Grande hair shift or change is in the works? Is she breaking free from the restraints of extensions and all of that hair? Don't worry, we'll keep you fully posted should any new hair news come to light.

Image: Ariana Grande/Instagram (1); Getty Images (1); Giphy (1)