Aayan Could Stand in the Way of Carrie's Plan

Guys, is it just me or are things actually going Carrie's way on Homeland right now? Sure, no one knows yet that Saul has been kidnapped and yes, Carrie did some pretty skeezy things to find out the truth about Haqqani being alive from his nephew Aayam, but it worked. Now Carrie can move forward with finding Haqqani, recruiting Aayan, and figuring out the truth behind Sandy Bachman's death. For the first time her plan is on track and in motion in Sunday night's new episode of Homeland, "From A to B And Back Again." But here is the big constant worry when it comes to Carrie Mathison: Can she get the job done or will something get in the way? That title suggests things could fall apart yet again.

The biggest problem that comes with throwing protocol out the window is that you have to be ready for unforeseen complications. Carrie did not do that when she was obsessed with finding out if Brody was a spy in Season 1 and there's worry she hasn't thought things through yet again, especially since she seduced Aayan and has him believing that they have something real. Now it's entirely possible that Aayan could be playing Carrie and is not to be trusted. But I just don't buy it at the moment, because he seems too innocent and naive. Either way, there are so many problems that could arise to ruin everything Carrie has been working for to get to the truth behind Sandy's death.

Feelings Are The Worst

The biggest worry is and always will be feelings with Carrie. She feels too hard and gets invested too quickly. Is Carrie actually just recruiting Aayan or is she starting to feel for the kid? In the promo clip above, she tries to justify her actions to Fara while simultaneously telling her off for calling Aayan "the boy." She clearly doesn't appreciate being disrespected and blames Fara for needing to take matters into her own hands by seducing Aayan to get the information they so desperately needed. Is that Carrie's way of proving her actions were the only possible way to recruit Aayan or is she feeing protective because she cares for him? And what happens if Aayan decides to escape and leave Carrie in a lurch? What happens if he goes back to his uncle? Or what happens if he learns of her deception too soon and feels to betrayed to work with her? So many problems can stem from their intimacy.

She Doesn't Always Play Well With Others

As we've seen countless times throughout Homeland and especially in this season, Carrie is not the best "team player" in the CIA. The only people she seems to be able to work with are Saul and now Quinn, and even working with Quinn seems to be a challenge. If she isn't willing to work with all of the people who are specifically there to help her, and instead she decides to take them down a peg like she does with Fara in the clip above, who's left to help her if the going gets tough? Saul is MIA at the moment (but better not die, Homeland writers, I swear to God), so her normal savior is unavailable for the job. And who knows if Carrie's relationship with Ambassador Boyd will actually be fruitful?

The Quinn Of It All

Guys, Quinn loves Carrie. It's obvious and we all know it. Whether Carrie and Quinn should be in a relationship is not the question here (let's save that for a less complicated day, shall we?). But will his jealousy or his anger at how Carrie worked this mission cloud his judgment when push comes to shove? I hope not, because the death of Sandy Bachman seems to haunt him every day, but anything and everything is possible in the world of Homeland.

Image: David Bloomer/SHOWTIME