"I Wish You Would" Isn't About One of Taylor's Men

by Alyse Whitney

Even though many of Taylor Swift's songs on 1989 are about Harry Styles, that doesn't mean every track on the album is about her own relationships. In fact, one of her bonus tunes "You Are in Love" was written about Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff's love story, and "I Wish You Would" is supposedly not about any of her past relationships. Instead, as Swift says in her songwriting memos on the deluxe edition of 1989 , it's a fictional story about a guy and a girl post-breakup. Though she may have also called on inspiration from her relationships for other lyrics, the core of the song is about exes still secretly pining for each other.

However, Swift could be lying to us. Though she loves her fans, there are some things she wants to keep private — as seen in the lyrics from the vulnerable song "I Know Places" — and it wouldn't be like her to outright say, "this song is about Harry Styles" or " Red is all about Jake Gyllenhaal." Instead, we just have to analyze her lyrics to see what lines could be about what guys while still remembering that this could all be fictional. Swift has some real tricks up her sleeves — she is a "nightmare dressed like a daydream," after all.

"It's 2 am, in your car/Windows down, pass my street, the memories start/You say it's in the past, you drive straight ahead"

This is how Swift described the premise of the song: "this guy who is driving down the street in the middle of the night and he passes by his ex-girlfriend’s house. He thinks she hates him, but she is still in love with him. Very dramatic." These lyrics represent that story, but after the whole drive-by moment, the rest of the song could reflect her personal life.

"You're thinking that I hate you now/Guess you still don't know what I never said"

This lyric correlates with the ex-girlfriend's feelings and how she wishes she told him she still loves him. It's simple, and I could stop here and just come to terms that Swift probably wrote this as a fictional tale. But I can't, and I bet neither can you.

"Wish I never hung up the phone like I did"

Swift and Styles were long-distance while she was in LA and NY and he was in the UK. Though they were in the same cities briefly during their month-long relationship, phone calls and Skype chats were probably their bread and butter. Could it have all ended up with a phone fight? I mean, the speaking part from "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" also hints at Styles.

"I wish we could go back/And remember what we were fighting for"

As mentioned before, were their fights totally uncalled for and they ended things too soon? Maybe. "I wish you would come back" is the central theme of the song, after all.

"You always knew how to push my buttons/You give me everything and nothing/This mad mad love makes you come running"

In "Blank Space," Swift says that "boys only want love if it's torture," so did her "mad love" make Styles come running? This could also be about Gyllenhaal's hot and cold relationship with her, which also didn't last long.